A&E Developing New Biography Specials for 7 WWE Superstars

The A&E Network's ongoing series of WWE-themed biography specials known as WWE Legends on A&E has been a bit of a mixed bag since debuting last year.  Some of them have been genuinely insightful and engrossing documentaries about some of the greatest legends in the history of pro wrestling (the ones focused on "Stone ColdSteve AustinBret "HitmanHart, Shawn MichaelsBooker T, and Kurt Angle), some felt a bit lacking or off in their presentation (the ones focused on "RowdyRoddy Piper and "Macho ManRandy Savage), and then some have been outright nonsense that has been twisted to fit WWE's current image or narrative (the ones focused on The Ultimate Warrior and D-Generation X).  But one consistent thing is the success of the series, and with that, we've got more WWE biographies from A&E on the horizon.

A&E Working On New Biography Specials For Seven WWE Superstars
The WWE Legends on A&E series is set to return soon and focused on seven new legends, courtesy of A&E and WWE.

With so many of the biggest names in WWE history already covered on the series, who will the network focus on in their upcoming specials?  We have an answer for that now thanks to PWInsider, who says we can expect to see specials on the life stories of The Iron Sheik, KaneRandy OrtonPaige (now Saraya in AEW), "The American DreamDusty Rhodes, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, and Jesse "The Body" Ventura.  The new round of biographies is set to start airing on A&E in January of 2023.

So we've got a pretty diverse line-up here, and while it will be nice to see certain legends like Ricky Steamboat and The Iron Sheik get their due time in the spotlight, there are some questions with others on this list, with the most obvious one being Paige.  Aside from the most interesting part of her story already being covered in the 2019 feature film Fighting With My Family, there are some decidedly not PG parts of her later life that WWE might try to steer clear of.  And then there's the elephant in the room, being that she recently debuted for rival AEW and has taken some thinly veiled shots at her former employer.

And then there's Knox County's favorite homicidal pyromaniac Mayor Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane.  While his accomplishments in the ring are certainly of note, and the idea that a famous wrestler moved on to elected office is definitely interesting (also see Jesse Ventura), it's almost certain that the special will choose not to highlight Jacobs' widely criticized inflammatory comments while in office, as he's often seen taking shots at the LGBTQ community or those trying to protect women's rights.

We'll see how it all turns out in January with the newest round of WWE Legends On A&E.  The network says we can look forward to "the intimate, personal stories behind the success of some of WWE's most memorable Legends and events," but we'll have to assess how truthful the presentations are after viewing them in 2023.

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