AEW Dynamite: Adam Page Returns from Injury to Confront Jon Moxley

Proving that Tony Khan absolutely zero respect for the holiday season, Hangman Adam Page returned on AEW Dynamite last night, killing every bit of The Chadster's Christmas cheer and ensuring this will be the darkest December of The Chadster's life. Page was injured in an AEW Championship match with then-champion Jon Moxley back in October, suffering a concussion, and has been out ever since. But last night, Page answered a challenge from Moxley, leading to a brawl at ringside that continued backstage.

Hangman Adam Page gets in Jon Moxley's face on AEW Dynamite.
Hangman Adam Page gets in Jon Moxley's face on AEW Dynamite.

The Chadster is glad to see that Hangman Page is okay after that injury, but did he need to come back so soon? In The Chadster's opinion, it would have been better for Page to stay away from AEW for another two, maybe three years, just to be safe. But no. In his quest to torment The Chadster, Tony Khan has no problem casting aside the safety of his wrestlers as long as he knows it will really cheese The Chadster of, and this really did.

The Chadster is determined to put an end to Tony Khan's reckless disregard for wrestler safety and has decided the best course of action is for The Chadster to apply to medical school. The Chadster knows that with proper education on concussion protocols, he can finally shut down Tony Khan's sloppy shop and ensure AEW wrestlers don't suffer the same fate as Hangman Page. The Chadster's medical school journey will be a long one, but The Chadster is committed to the cause. The Chadster knows that Tony Khan cannot be allowed to get away with this forever and will do everything in The Chadster's power to stop him. It's time for The Chadster to become a doctor and make sure Tony Khan knows that The Chadster will not stand for his reckless disregard for wrestler safety. The Chadster is ready to fight for a better future for all AEW wrestlers by forcing AEW to shut down so they all get jobs at WWE, unless WWE doesn't want them, in which case they should find another career because there's no point working anywhere but WWE if you respect the wrestling business!

You can watch Hangman Adam Page return to AEW Dynamite to confront Jon Moxley below.

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