Always Sunny: Charlie Day Thinks He Has What It Takes to Take Over SNL

If there's one of the things we appreciate about The Gang's real-life counterparts from FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it's how they keep themselves creatively refreshed by taking projects outside of Paddy's. It feels like that being away creates an "absence makes the heart grow fonder" vibe that brings them back for now 15 seasons. And when it's a project that looks as much fun as Charlie Day and Jenny Slate's new film I Want You Back, it's easy as an "Always Sunny" to throw our support. But based on what he had to say on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers, it sounds like Day isn't content with being a part of just one long-running series. In the following video, Day and Meyers jokingly make the case why being on a long-running series should be more than enough of a qualification to run a live, late-night sketch comedy/music series. I mean, it's not like Day hasn't been on SNL before (see below), and from what we can tell in the clip he has the makings of a great Lorne Michael impersonation for when Michaels departs the series.

always sunny
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Here's a look at Day making his pitch to be the next Michaels if and when he retires (though we agree with Meyers, we don't think he's going anywhere) starting around the 3:30 mark, followed by a tease of what an exchange between Michaels and Robert DeNiro would sound like (and for some fun stuff about The Always Sunny Podcast, start listening around the 2:50 mark):

Speaking of SNL, here's a look back at Day's monologue from November 2011, where he discusses how NYC has changed since he was a kid before being pressured into a song by none other than Danny DeVito:

In the first of two clips from Day's hosting gig, Day plays a veteran detective trying to solve a crime in a very familiar-looking apartment. Following that, "Comedy Tour 2" brings back the kings of catchphrases… and this time, Dirk "Jack-Knife" Cane is joining them:

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