Always Sunny, Schitt's Creek & 3 More Eps Making Our Holidays Bearable

The holidays are weird this year…I don't have to tell anyone this twice, but that doesn't mean we lose our favorite shows to lift our spirits. Somehow, simply turning on some favorite holiday-themed episodes can bring me joy and laughter around this time of year. There's plenty of content out there in the world of television to help celebrate the holidays, but for me, there are specific ones that do it better than all the rest- from shows like Schitt's Creek, Bob's Burgers, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seinfeld, and Wings.

Our Fav 5 Holiday Episodes That Make Us Joyful And Merry
Patrick and David at a family holiday party in Schitt's Creek. Source: Netflix

Below are five episodes to start your merry journey into the land of comedy and into the warmth of heartfelt dialogue this season.

Bob's Burgers "Bob Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins" Season 3 Episode 9: Maybe it's references to that mannequin movie franchise or Linda's impromptu caroling, but this early on holiday episode of the animated series will always be a favorite of mine. The hilarious trip to the adult store to win back a mannequin is only a tiny piece of the fantastic and hilarious moments in this episode.

Schitt's Creek "Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose" Season 4 Episode 13: There's a level of heart and fantastic writing in this episode of the favorite hit series that gives it something extra compared to others. Offering reflection and the beauty of opening up to change is what makes this episode stick with me.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia "A Very Sunny Christmas" Season 6 Episode 13: The cringe-worthy innocence of Charlie's upsetting childhood and the gang's view of the holiday season are what make this dark comedy perfect for ending this year. No need to have a trip to see a mall Santa, watch a Charlie interrogation of one about sexual encounters with his mother…it's hilarious and uncomfortable in all the best ways.

Seinfeld "The Strike" Season 9 Episode 10: An iconic episode to always be included, bringing audiences a whole new holiday concept in 1997, Festivus. Frank Costanza will forever be a memorable character and crazy father figure with his creation of Festivus, for the rest of us. Watch it this season in the honor of Jerry Stiller.

Our Fav 5 Holiday Episodes That Make Us Joyful And Merry
Still image from Wings episode "A Terminal Christmas". Source: CBS

Wings "A Terminal Christmas" Season 2 Episode 11: Not unlike many people's holiday plans currently, the friends of this often forgotten sitcom decide to cheer up one of their own, Faye, as she's missing her late husband. The concept is nuzzled in the setting of a small town and even smaller airport, but the gestures and lessons are needed.

There are over hundreds and hundreds of holiday episodes beloved by many audiences. But here there a few of my personal favorites, out of many, that I have when it comes to the season. It's a small place to start, but it's something to help navigate the need for the holiday spirit. Let us know in the comments below some of your favorite holiday episodes!

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