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BattleBots, Pimple Popper & More Discovery+ Shows Perfect for 2022

We put a lot of pressure on the potential of a new calendar year, so take a breather from all that noise and turn on Discovery Plus because if anything could distract you it would be the content on their platform. Initially, I was a tad judgmental of those who found a lot of fun in reality shows and outlets like Discovery Plus, but also I was in denial. From true crime to puppies, there's something for everyone but I have a few favorite suggestions I think you should check out first.

BattleBots & More Discovery+ Shows To Help Start The New Year
Battle Bots. Source: Discovery Go

"Undercover Underage"Roo Powell, along with an incredible team from photographers to researchers, does the difficult work of luring in potentially harmful predators of underage girls through decoy identities online. It's both shocking and important to watch because going into this new year doesn't mean relaxing on expanding our knowledge on important topics like this.

"BattleBots": Nothing better than seeing two teams bring out their robots, fit with a variety of mechanisms, looking toward a quick yet intense battle among fans and judges. Something about seeing two bots crash against one another or the surprise of an underdog doing well is a fun way to spend screen time.

"Worst Cooks In America": I've never felt better about my own cooking skills, or general kitchen knowledge, than when watching this series. Multiple seasons, an endless supply of individuals attempting to be better at cooking, and the sudden urge to go master cooking a fish fillet right in the middle of an episode, never ceases to surprise me.

"Deadly Women"The odd yet addicting reenactments alone should be the point of watching this show, but detective commentary alongside professionals who've studied the brains and process of killers makes everything about this series impressive. Also, it's fun to point out which actresses you see again and again but going from portraying an old woman to random mistress in the same wig.

"Lieutenant Joe Kenda: Homicide Hunter"This man, Joe Kenda, is so intense and seems like a character you pick out from a mystery or detective novel, but I would trust him with my life. Seeing the reenactments of his cases combined with his retelling of the events is awesome.

"Dr. Pimple Popper"Dermatologist Sandra Lee, a kind soul who started out on social media capturing her process, now gives us so much more with her series. A place for pimple-popping enthusiasts and those who love a compelling personal story, I'm a gross weirdo because I mainly belong in the first part of that. Actually, you know what? No, I won't give excuses. I love a good pimple being popped or blackhead taken out.

"Too Cute"Puppies and kittens are involved, there's nothing else to say unless you're a soulless human being who needs some type of motivation to watch this series.

"Flea Market Flip"There's an urge to participate and go to a flea market in order to find a piece of furniture to refurbish when watching this series. But then again, sometimes I find myself looking at a chair being discarded and thinking I can fix it, but there's no way that's true for every chair I see.

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