Baymax!: Big Hero 6 Spinoff Trailer Released; Set for Summer 2022

With The Walt Disney Company celebrating everything and everything having to do with the streaming service, Disney+ Day had something for those Big Hero 6 fans out there looking for more intel on the upcoming animated spinoff series Baymax!. How does an official trailer sound? That's right, we have a first look at the further adventures of the adorably heroic do-gooder and his new cast of characters. And guess what else? Fans can start scoping out Summer 2022 to check it out (and they can get a small taste of what's to come in the clip below).

Image: Screencap

Set to premiere in Summer 2022, here's a look at the first official trailer for Disney+'s Baymax!:

"The series really focuses on Baymax's original protocol, which is to be a nurse robot," explained series creator and Big Hero 6 director Don Hall during the initial Disney investors call when news of the series was first announced. From what we see in even this early look, it appears the series is looking to shift the focus to some of the film's other strengths aside from the big action, team-up scenes. In the case of Baymax!, we can expect there to be many more personal and intimate moments between the big fights for justice. At the time Big Hero 6: The Series was in play, Mark McCorkie explained how the franchise could benefit from a stronger focus on individual characters and those quieter moments. "Well, I think one thing is it's a chance to focus on a few characters at a time… It's such a big ensemble and all the characters are so wonderful, it's an embarrassment of riches in the previous seasons," McCorkie explained. "It was very hard, I think, for the writers to give everybody their moment. There was so much to explore because they're all such great characters. I think the 11s did give us a chance to shine the spotlight on characters in a different way."

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