Better Call Saul Co-Creator Peter Gould On Season 6 Delay, Kim's Story

If there's one thing that Better Call Saul co-creator (along with Vince Gilligan), showrunner, executive producer, writer, and director Peter Gould wants us to know about the upcoming sixth and final season of the Breaking Bad spinoff, it's that viewers should really be keeping an eye on Kim Wexler (the Emmy nomination-robbed Rhea Seehorn). Less than a week after he answered fans' questions about the series with teasing questions of his own (and an interesting "suggestion" tease), Gould discussed the final season further during Deadline Hollywood's Contenders Television: The Nominees virtual panel.

Jimmy is torn between staying Jimmy and giving in to being Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul, courtesy of AMC Studios.
Jimmy is torn between staying Jimmy and giving in to being Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul, courtesy of AMC Studios.

When Gould says, "Kim has become the character we're most concerned about," he's not exaggerating. By the time the dust settled on the fifth season, Kim seemingly embraced the "breaking badness" mantra of Jimmy/Saul/Gene (Bob Odenkirk), pushing the idea of taking down Howard (Patrick Fabian) by forcing a resolution in the Sandpiper case that leads to Howard's personal and professional humiliation. Jimmy was hesitant and concerned at first, but Saul saw the endless possibilities (or at least $1 million worth of possibilities), so it was "game on!".

As Better Call Saul hands over the timeline to Breaking Bad, Gould knows that choices will be made that there will be no going back from: "This season, it's a matter of life and death for sure, and as it comes to a close, it's a question of where her head is at. Is she going down a bad choice road? She keeps moving in a direction of corner-cutting." For the series co-creator, that blurring of what's legal with what's right in Kim's mind that resulted from her time with Jimmy is cause for alarm: "Something that interests us is what's legal and what feels right. Being with Jimmy has shown her, either something that she knew before or it's made more vivid to her; the possibility of cutting corners, doing what you think is right, and causing what you feel is justice, rather than play by the rules of the system. I'm a little bit worried for her."

better call saul
Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler, Dennis Boutsikaris as Rich Schweikart – Better Call Saul _ Season 5, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

As for when viewers will get to see how this all plays out, Gould isn't sounding too optimistic about them meeting their end-of-the-year production start: "We were hoping to go into production by the end of the year. It doesn't seem likely that it's going to happen with the situation that we are in." Though Sony TV is doing "everything humanly possible" to get production and filming back up and running, Gould is trying to keep expectations more grounded and realistic: "I think we are probably going to delay a little bit, unfortunately."

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