Bob's Burgers Season 11 Review: A Tale of Trash, Cucumbers & Obsession

In this week's episode of FOX's Bob's Burgers, nothing says determination like the actions of one Linda Belcher, and that gusto aided the burger mom in the most recent episode. The episode, "Tell Me Dumb Thing Good", written by Dan Fybel, is exactly what it sounds like. Exploring the world of neighbors requesting moving boxes and discussing garden vegetables online is something Bob would expectedly get involved in. Interesting for Teddy to join him on that venture, but then again he's a sweetheart and gets excited about most things.

Bob's Burgers
Bob missing his online updates about a special cucumber. Source: FOX

Linda and the kids attempt to keep the freedom of trashcan decorating in their hands instead of Cynthia's. The kids use their determination in attempts to help council members decide against a negative trashcan resolution, all in hopes to provide a somewhat better Mother's day gift than nothing at all.

It was fun to see the appearance of past Bob's Burgers characters such as Cynthia and her son Logan, although they can be annoying and hilarious at the same time in past episodes. Fans love to hate Cynthia, and Logan can be added to that group as well, but with this episode, it wasn't evident there was a part that made us feel for her or understand part of her at all. In past instances, her barriers broke down when confronted with different people or similar difficulties to Linda like connecting to your kids. In this episode, many fun parts made it worth the watch from the musical numbers to the attempt at decorating the trashcan, but an opportunity at connecting to Cynthia's character was missed. Adult animation has the opportunity to be crude, funny, and everything in-between but it can now go publicly deeper on issues and problems while maintaining creative respect. For Bob's Burgers, it's all about the choices- even with the smallest character parts.

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