Bob's Burgers Season 11 Review: Tina Monitors While Hands Dance

Sunday's episode of FOX's Bob's Burgers, "Fingers-loose", had a fantastic combination of themes that felt like film noir and Footloose had a baby. Tina tells the story from her perspective as Mr. Frond is setting up for a Wagstaff open house for parents to come and look around. Tina's hall monitor status and tendency to lean more towards a student reluctant on misbehavior has her in good graces initially with Mr. Frond's plans to keep things running smoothly as he preps for the open house. The hilarious film noir-themed, gritty detective style, narration from Tina on all the events is an excellent addition that was included in the episode. That narration, in addition to the fantastic comedic tension, makes for a classic episode for season eleven.

Bob's Burgers Season 11 Review: Tina Monitors While Hands Dance
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The side story of Bob and Linda attempting to give Teddy a solution for sneaking in a burger into the movie theater on a date is reminiscent of the competitive nature we've seen before with the couple in the Topsy episode. The flashbacks of the "Spice Rack" and "Spiceps" brought in by Bob and Linda to their children's science fair is a fun memory to have when viewing this episode. Bob's solution of hiding burger components in plastic bags in a vest and Linda's solution of using her armpit baggies of mushy burgers is a great inclusion to the story alongside Tina's.


This episode of Bob's Burgers was so much fun and so creative in how it included the feelings felt from past classic episodes of Tina, such as her time investigating the fecal droppings of a bandit on school grounds. The fact that this episode turns to the concept of "hand dancing" as this forbidden art form at Wagstaff, is only part of what makes it a favorite in this season. The inclusion of some great musical numbers doesn't hurt either. Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed this Bob's Burgers episode!

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