Braun Strowman Has Again Stuck His Large Foot In His Large Mouth

Oh, Braun Strowman.  He's definitely one of the most outspoken men in pro wrestling today, but the problem is that what he says is rarely correct or even appropriate.  Yes, we all remember when he yelled at Karen Jarrett (Kurt Angle's ex-wife and now Jeff Jarrett's wife) for asking him for an autograph for Angle's son and then upon learning who she was, giving her a groveling apology to not tell the WWE Hall of Famer.  He also mocked independent wrestlers who were out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.  But even after being released by WWE last year and then being given another chance recently, it appears Strowman hasn't evolved much and is back to using his social media to antagonize his industry mates completely unprovoked.

Braun Strowman Has Again Stuck His Large Foot In His Large Mouth
Braun Strowman, this past Saturday after defeating Omos at Crown Jewel, courtesy of WWE.

After defeating the gigantic Omos at this past Saturday's WWE Crown Jewel premium live event on Peacock, Braun Strowman must have had the adrenaline flowing and took to his Twitter to toot his own horn and for some reason, insult smaller wrestlers who use a more acrobatic aerial style in the ring.

Ok, let's unpack what he's trying to say here.  Number one, their match was forgettable at best.  I don't think anyone is honestly giving it a perfect score, if you even value such a thing with wrestling.  Two, like it or not (and I'm the first guy to say it's an overused and largely detrimental style), the "flippy" guys are at the forefront of the wrestling industry these days and they are your coworkers.  Three, what's wrong with working at a grocery store or anywhere for that matter?  The answer is nothing is wrong with it at all and Braun Strowman needs to use all of his great strength to pull his head out of his ass.

It didn't take long for other wrestlers to take note of his trash talking and they responded in turn.  Will Ospreay had probably the wisest response, asking why Braun Strowman needed to build himself up by tearing others he works with down.

Ricochet mocked him for acting like a big shot, which was especially noted during the period he had been out of WWE.

And Chris Jericho took umbrage with Braun Strowman thinking there's something wrong with a pro wrestler (or anyone) working at a grocery store.

But it was Mustafa Ali who seemed to really want to take the piss out of Braun Strowman and de-piss him he did.

Strowman tried mouthing off a bit more to his naysayers but ended with this gem.

But then, it appears someone informed him that he's currently working for a company regularly headlined by actual stars who like to do some flips, such as Seth Rollins and AJ Styles, and Braun Strowman suddenly had a big change of heart and tone.

And thus ends the latest Braun Strowman saga.  I think it's worth noting that he's clearly very proud of his match this past weekend, yet is anyone talking about that match now?  Nope.  Great wrestlers let their work speak for itself, they don't go out and throw a tantrum to distract literally all attention away from it.  Maybe that's why nobody remembers a great Braun Strowman match but can cite numerous incidents like this newest one.  What's your legacy going to be then?

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