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Braun Strowman Has Again Stuck His Large Foot In His Large Mouth
 But even after being released by WWE last year and then being given another chance recently, it appears Strowman hasn't evolved much and is back to using his social media to antagonize his industry mates completely unprovoked. Braun Strowman, this past Saturday after defeating Omos at Crown Jewel, courtesy of WWE. After defeating the gigantic Omos at this[...]
WWE Crown Jewel Today: Is Logan Paul As Obnoxious In Saudi Arabia?
 Yes, it's WWE Crown Jewel time again, and while there aren't any retired stars dragged overseas to ruin your last memories of them in the ring today, the show never seems to be too far from controversy, so here's hoping the crew and roster over there can have a successful day and get home safely[...]
WWE SmackDown Will See The Return Of Roman Reigns Tonight On FOX
 But it just so happens that WWE Crown Jewel is only a week away, and that show couldn't care less about those silly storytelling fundamentals, so we're getting Reigns versus professional agitator Logan Paul  So tonight on SmackDown, we're getting some build towards that with "The Tribal Chief" returning live on FS1 to address his upcoming opponent. Champion[...]
The Women's Tag Team Titles Are On The Line On Tonight's SmackDown
The dynamic duo will hope to become new Women's Tag Champs, but face a formidable task in Damage CTRL. Can Damage CTRL continue their impressive streak or will Rodriguez and Shotzi play spoiler? Find out tonight on SmackDown at 8/7 C on FOX! Along with that, tonight we will see Liv Morgan battle Sonya Deville, Sheamus take on Solo Sikoa, and the return[...]
WWE SmackDown Preview 10/7: A Big Intercontinental Title Rematch
All parties love a good fight, and time will tell if there will be anything left of the blue brand when all is said and done. Find out who emerges with the workhorse title on the can't-miss season premiere this Friday at 8/7 C on FOX. On top of that, tonight's WWE SmackDown will see Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman[...]
WWE SmackDown Preview 9/23: Champion Roman Reigns Returns Live
Fans were left with varying reactions one week ago today when it was announced that at the upcoming WWE Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns would defend his title against none other than Logan Paul  Having two controversial figures face off in a title match at WWE's most controversial show of[...]
WWE Doubles Down on Saudi Partnership Following Stranded Wrestler Controversy
 And indeed, it is that time again, as it's being reported this afternoon that WWE is set to announce its return to the country in November with yet another installment of WWE Crown Jewel, and they're all prepared to announce the main event match that will be headline-grabbing if nothing else. The official logo for WWE[...]
WWE Is Planning To Return To Saudi Arabia This February
WWE last put on a show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 21, 2021, with the 2021 WWE Crown Jewel event  With that show being infinitely more well-reviewed than any show they have done in Saudi Arabia before, WWE appears to be anxious to return to the kingdom for another event soon and it's now being[...]
SmackDown Preview For 10/22: WWE Promises The Beginning Of A New Era
Hey gang!  So even though the 2021 WWE Draft was concluded on October 4, the new draftees would not debut on their new rosters until after WWE Crown Jewel  Now seeing as Crown Jewel wrapped up yesterday afternoon, all eyes are now on SmackDown as tonight, we will finally see the 2021 WWE Draft come to fruition with[...]
WWE Stars To Endure A Tougher Than Usual Travel Schedule This Week
 Now we're hearing that fans were not the only ones left happy with how everything went down, as management was "thrilled" with the output yesterday in Saudi Arabia. The official promo image for WWE Crown Jewel, courtesy of WWE. According to a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, he spoke with some WWE insiders who are all very pleased[...]
WWE Crown Jewel Recap – Edge & Seth Rollins Steal The Show
 WWE Crown Jewel time  That special time when WWE puts aside whatever morals they have and accepts a very large payment of blood money from Saudi Arabia and tries to spin it as opening up our good ol' American values to a country that still commits human atrocities on a near-daily basis  But hey, the[...]
WWE Stars To Endure A Tougher Than Usual Travel Schedule This Week
 This week, however, things have been made all the more difficult with the addition of the always controversial WWE Crown Jewel show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this Thursday and that's on top of live editions of their weekly shows, Raw and SmackDown on Monday and Friday nights respectively  While the superstars will be getting some extra stamps in their[...]
Cain Velasquez Will Return To Pro Wrestling This December
 Cain Velasquez faced his old UFC rival in a WWE Championship match at WWE Crown Jewel later that month, where Lesnar defeated him quickly in a very unimpressive match that basically just consisted of punches  That ended up being his last WWE appearance, as he was released this past April, but today we are learning that[...]
SmackDown's Pat McAfee Wasn't Invited To WWE's Saudi Arabia Show
 It is for all these reasons that fans are very surprised that the company has not invited McAfee to join them and take his place at the commentary table on their upcoming trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the WWE's divisive recurring show there, WWE Crown Jewel 2021. SmackDown on Fox's Pat McAfee revealed he was not[...]