[Breaking] Pilot Script Reportedly Finished for 'Mega City One' Series [SDCC 2018]

Photo and Info courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Marcos Salinas:

The long-awaited and feared limbo-bound Judge Dredd television series, Mega City One, reportedly has finished pilot script and is currently seeking out a United Kingdom filming location. All of this was announced at the 2000 AD Thrill Hour in San Diego Comic-Con today by 2000 AD writer Michael Molcher.

Mega City One has been in the air for a while, with some believing that the series was going to be perpetually stuck in development hell. Molcher arguably put those fears to rest with this announcement of a script and scouting locations.

They are currently keeping it all on the side of a soft announcement while they get some of the finer details in line. They want to keep filming domestic, so in the UK. They plan to make a more substantive announcement in a few months, and they hope to have a streaming service for the show by then.

Below is a photo of the panelists joined by a pair of Judge Dredd cosplayers. Among their number is none other than Dave Gibbons, artist and frequent Alan Moore collaborator who worked on Watchmen itself.

[Breaking] Pilot Script Reportedly Finished for 'Mega City One' Series [SDCC 2018]

We'll deliver more details as we receive them, so remember to check back to Bleeding Cool later. See you then.

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