Charlotte Flair Reveals How She Deals With Haters and Trolls

As arguably the most pushed woman in WWE, with only Becky Lynch coming close to competing, Charlotte Flair naturally has to deal with a lot of backlash. But how does The Queen handle it? Ryan Satin interviewed Flair on Pro Wrestling Sheet, a dirt sheet that had at least some credibility before Satin started working for WWE as a correspondent on WWE Backstage. On the bright side, though, now they can land sweet interviews with Charlotte Flair, so chalk up another win for access journalism. Satin asked Flair how she deals with all the haters saying mean things about her online. It was a subject Flair had a lot to say about. Satin was really turning on the charm in this interview, comparing Flair to John Cena and praising how impressive she is in pretty much every area.

PWS: I feel like you have a similar effect to that of John Cena on the audience, where some people just love to hate you no matter what. Did you ever get any advice from him on how to handle it? Because I'm always impressed by how you're able to not engage and just continue to do your thing.

FLAIR: Not that I ever talked to Cena about it personally, but just watching him be so unfazed. I never talked to Roman about this either, but Roman is so calm and collected. Meanwhile I'm like, "yes, I'm secretly freaking out inside but I want to look that calm and collected!"

Charlotte Flair at the 2018 ESPY Awards at the Microsoft Theatre LA Live. Editorial credit: Featureflash Photo Agency /
Charlotte Flair at the 2018 ESPY Awards at the Microsoft Theatre LA Live. Editorial credit: Featureflash Photo Agency /

Flair uses something we're going to call the anti-Batista strategy in dealing with her haters: she refuses to give them what they want.

PWS: Well, from the outside looking in, you do look that calm and collected. I'm always impressed that you're able to power through and not focus on negativity. So, from my perspective, you do a great job of being on that same level.

FLAIR: Thank you. I guess I just don't engage because I'm giving them what they want if I do. Don't give them what they want. You don't get my attention. You don't pay my bills. You don't get to tell me how hard I work or don't work. I've come to a point where no matter what I do … good, bad and different … working both brands … busting my butt … it doesn't matter. People still say, "you are just Ric Flair's daughter."

So, I had to have many pep talks. Where I say, "Ok, no matter what you do … it does not matter." And just deal with it. Know your own self worth. And I have such an amazing inner circle. I have a small group of friends. I can't even go to my dad. My dad is like the most biased human being. He is, legit, my biggest fan. If he could wear one of my robes to the show and sit front row, I'm sure he would.

Also too, this is another thing, if I can be that bad guy that everyone just hates … I'm doing my job. If I can take on that, and make the most beloved person ever, then I'm doing my job. Because I always go, "Man, I wish I had that bad guy! When am I gonna get that bad guy?" Because every time they try to make me a babyface …

Now it's like, Charlotte, just go be Charlotte. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?

But I just want to be that bad guy that I need. If they're ever truly going to make me a good guy, or babyface where people cheer me or think that I'm the underdog, I need that bad guy. So I try to be that bad guy.

It looks like Charlotte Flair is handling her success well, which will be an excellent trait to have when at the rate WWE doles out championship runs to her, she will probably beat her father's record before the end of the decade. Read the full interview at Pro Wrestling Sheet here.

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