Constance Wu: 'Fresh Off the Boat' Renewal "Meant I Had to Give Up Another Project I Was Really Passionate About"

UPDATE II: So it appears Constance Wu has taken to Twitter one more time to clarify that it wasn't that she was upset over Fresh Off the Boat being renewed: it was about the renewal keeping her from working on "another project" that she was "really passionate about." In the following tweeted message below, Wu explains how this new project "would have challenged" her "as an artist" and "would have been really hard and not easy or pleasant at all" – unlike her work on the ABC series.

Here's a look at the message in its entirety – including a concluding line that has some on social media scratching their heads (previous reporting below):

Constance Wu: 'Fresh Off the Boat' Renewal "Meant I Had to Give Up Another Project I Was Really Passionate About"

UPDATE: Apparently, it's no longer a matter of society misconstruing Constance Wu's (Crazy Rich Asians) tweets and "making a lot of assumptions" about her social media reaction to ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat being renewed for a sixth season (see original report below). On Friday evening, Wu took to Twitter once again, this time to explain that her previous tweets came on "the heels of a rough day & were ill timed" and that she was "grateful for FOTB renewal" – even thanking those who support her use of the word "fuck":

Constance Wu: 'Fresh Off the Boat' Renewal "Meant I Had to Give Up Another Project I Was Really Passionate About"

ORIGINAL REPORT: During May Upfronts, there's always going to be a certain level of sadness, anger, and awkwardness surrounding the whole experience. Because as excited as we all are to find out which shows made the cut, those greenlights usually come at the expense of a pilot that wasn't picked up or series that wasn't renewed – and that will naturally lead to some hurt feelings.

So with that said, Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu's reaction on social media today makes perfect sense… if her show was cancelled by ABC. Which it wasn't. It was actually renewed for a sixth season.

Fresh off the Boat
FRESH OFF THE BOAT – ABC's "Fresh Off the Boat" stars Randall Park as Louis Huang, Constance Wu as Jessica Huang, Hudson Yang as Eddie Huang, Ian Chen as Evan Huang, Forrest Wheeler as Emery Huang and Lucille Soong as Grandma Huang. (ABC/Bob D'Amico)

Well, it seems like Wu wasn't willing to take that "slight" from the network quietly, taking to Twitter to apparently voice her serious displeasure at the renewal (not cancellation) notice:

constance wu

Deadline Hollywood and other outlets also report that Wu posted a "Dislike" on the show's official Instagram post announcing the series' renewal:

constance wu

For her part, Wu would take to Twitter yet again to clarify what she claims were some massive "assumptions" made about her reaction to her series' renewal and that people are familiar with how she "normally talks":

constance wu

Wu did not issue an explanation for her two follow-up tweet responses or Instagram response.

Since the success of international blockbuster rom-com success Crazy Rich Asians, Wu has been in high demand for various projects and substantially better paydays. Created by Nahnatchka Khan and based on the memoir by chef Eddie Huang, ABC's Fresh Off the Boat spotlights the Huang family (Mom, Dad, three young brothers and their Mandarin-speaking grandma) who move from Washington, D.C.'s Chinatown to Orlando in the mid-1990s. Wu will be returning to the role of family matriarch Jessica Huang for the sixth season.

Set in the '90s, hip-hop loving teenager Eddie Huang (Hudson Yang) and his family have lived in Orlando for a few years now and have assimilated nicely into the suburban American lifestyle. Cultural differences still present everyday challenges, but close friends, neighbors and business acquaintances are there to help them navigate the complexities of raising a family of future millennials.

Dad Louis (Randall Park) has taken great pride in turning the once struggling steakhouse, Cattleman's Ranch, into a successful family restaurant. Having bought out his business partner and now full owner of the restaurant again, he focuses on not only growing his business but also trying to spend more time with his family. With Honey (Chelsey Crisp) and Marvin's (Ray Wise) baby on the way, Louis begins to focus on the fact that while his friends are starting a new family, he and Jessica (Constance Wu) are finished having children; and he worries that he only has a few precious years left with the kids before they scatter and begin their own lives away from home. Mom Jessica, who recently became a U.S. citizen, finally released her mystery/thriller novel. Now that she's finished with the book, she begins to look at what the next chapter in her life will look like.

Eldest son Eddie is looking forward to getting his driver's permit and ultimately getting a car. Now that his best friend, Nicole, is moving to New York, Eddie begins to think more about his own future and ultimate independence away from the family – and possibly Orlando – as he starts to get closer to being a young adult. He will consider going on a two-week Chinese-American cultural exchange program – dubbed "The Love Boat" – to Taiwan as part of his independent journey. Carefree middle child Emery (Forrest Wheeler) continues to do well at everything he attempts – school, sports, girls.

But he realizes that his co-dependence on baby brother Evan (Ian Chen) may be coming to an end as they've taken the first steps of becoming more autonomous by getting rid of the bunk beds and having single beds of their own. Evan is still Mommy's perfect child who helps maximize efficiency during weekly trips to Costco, yet he's unafraid to challenge her to a healthy debate about such topics as which is the more satisfying dessert – pie or cake. Grandma (Lucille Soong) has much more independence now, thanks to her motorized wheelchair and her new garage apartment. But she'll always make time to poke her nose into family affairs. Neighbors Honey and Marvin are getting ready to start a family of their own with their baby on the way. Honey's a bit nervous about becoming a first-time mom, but Marvin's been there with Nicole and will help guide her through the obstacle course that is parenting.

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