Dear Society: Women Deserve a Bigger Seat at the Television Table

First off, this shouldn't be something I need to say but here we are. This is an opinion piece, just reiterating that fact so that incels get the point that not everything revolves around their questionable amount of brain cells. Anyways, women deserve a much bigger seat at the table that is television. TV has long been a part of society that has sought out the value of male input and discourse above anything feminine in nature. What society has failed to realize is the impact women have had on the industry, from being directly a part of the production to being a fan celebrating their favorite shows. From Lucille Ball, Madelyn Pugh, Cathy Hughes, to even recent names such as Dominique Jackson from Pose fame, have all been unique pieces of TV history. Often the names are forgotten or they're simply placed in a lower standing compared to male or generally white cisgender counterparts.

Dear Society, Women Deserve A Place In Television: Opinion
Still from an episode of I Love Lucy. Source: CBS

Women (and this includes all women across the spectrum within the complexity of gender) belong and will always deserve a voice in the television industry and a place to express their love for it. It's annoying as hell to see people, even women, putting down the interests and loves of others when it comes to television genres and popular shows. The hipster stick shoved up most of society's butt needs to be pulled out.  Let women enjoy things! Nobody cares that you (and I know it's some dude caring about it) want every woman to know it's stupid to like reality TV. Guess what ding dong?!? Women are allowed and expected to have passions and love, and… wait for it… that includes for television.


I've been in love with television since I was little. Growing up it went from shows like The Golden Girls to Parks and Recreation, it was then I realized how much comedic television was a big part of my life. Sadly, around me, I continued to see (and often I was a part of it) women being put down for showcasing their love for the medium because it may have not fit the male dominated mold. Love a cooking show? Hate reality and competition shows? Watch sci-fi shows once in a while? Congrats you have opinions and unique tastes, you're human. More diversity needs to be not only welcomed into the land of television, but it also deserves wide open arms. Oh! And guess what? This might be hard for some men in and out of the television industry to hear, but you have to actually listen to these women. Talking over them or interrupting because you like the sound of your voice doesn't count as listening.

Dear Society, Women Deserve A Place In Television: Opinion
Still image from an episode of Insecure. Source: HBO

Women are funny, diverse, amazing, strong, innovative, and so much more. Television doesn't belong to one group over another. I've studied and have finished a degree based in media with a specialty in film and television studies. But even if I didn't have that title with me, I still deserve peace when announcing my love for television whether it is acclaimed or not. My voice, my swaying gender identity, and my background should not credit or discredit something that is so much more than me. Television and women are a match made in heaven, deal with it.

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