Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown Gets Gaiman, Davies, Moffat Stories

Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown is a new book of Doctor Who short stories being released to benefit BBC Children in Need. It will feature prose stories by Neil Gaiman, Paul Cornell, and former and current showrunners Russell T. Davies, Steven Moffat, and Chris Chibnall as well as an all-star lineup of writers who have scripted episodes of the show.

The stories were originally released digitally on the BBC's official Doctor Who website during the first lockdown back in Spring and early summer. They revisited various moments from the Doctor's lives and incarnations to feature sequels, endings, and secret moments, often to poignant effect.

As reported by, Penguin Random House, the publisher of the collection, said: "During challenging months of global uncertainty and isolation, the Doctor and the TARDIS has remained a dream that drew many – allowing them to roam the cosmos in search of distraction, reassurance, and adventure."

Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown Gets Gaiman, Davies, Moffat Stories
"Doctor Who", Jodie Whittaker in Shutdown, BBC

BBC Books Publishing Director, Albert DePetrillo, said: "Since I first mentioned the idea for this collection to the Doctor Who and BBC Children in Need teams, the response has been amazing. We've gathered a truly stellar list of writers and illustrators, who have contributed their time and creativity for a wonderful cause.

"Doctor Who and BBC Children in Need are a powerful combination, and Adventures in Lockdown is a book that celebrates the best of the Whoniverse – which is to say, the best in all of us."

Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown will be available to purchase from UK retailers only from 5th November, with £2.25 from every copy going to BBC Children in Need.

The collection is also set to open with a special "message from the Doctor", before leading into the tale "Things She Thought While Falling" by current showrunner Chris Chiball.

While many of the stories were already released online earlier this year – including Things She Thought While Falling – Adventures in Lockdown also features three new Who capers penned by Neil Gaiman, Mark Gatiss, and Vinay Patel.

Here is the full list of stories by an all-star lineup of past and present writers of the show:

  • A Message from the Doctor
  • "Things She Thought While Falling" by Chris Chibnall
  • "The Terror of the Umpty Ums" by Steven Moffat
  • "Doctor Who and the Time War" by Russell T Davies
  • "Revenge of the Nestene" by Russell T Davies
  • "Rory's Story" by Neil Gaiman
  • "One Virtue, and a Thousand Crimes" by Neil Gaiman
  • "The Simple Things" by Joy Wilkinson
  • "The Tourist" by Vinay Patel
  • "Fellow Traveller" by Mark Gatiss
  • "The Shadow Passes" by Paul Cornell
  • "Shadow of a Doubt" by Paul Cornell
  • "The Shadow in the Mirror" by Paul Cornell
  • "Press Play" by Pete McTighe
  • "Listen" by Steven Moffat
  • "The Secret of Novice Hame" by Russell T Davies

The book will also feature illustrations from Chris Riddell, Sophie Cowdrey, Mike Collins, and more.

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