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Edge vs Randy Orton Last Man Standing Match WrestleMania 36 Results

This "Last Man Standing" match between Edge and Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36 was years in the making. After being gone from in ring action for 9 years, Edge made his triumphant return during this year's Royal Rumble. From there WWE gave us a passionate and ongoing storyline between Edge and his one time friend Randy Orton. This storyline got personal, with Beth Phoenix (Edge's wife) getting involved, and Orton telling her he loves Edge more than she does. And finally, at this years WrestleMania, we got a payoff.

Edge makes his entrance at WrestleMania 36, courtesy of WWE.
Edge makes his entrance at WrestleMania 36, courtesy of WWE.

It's a delight to see Edge back in action. This match started with an RKO out of nowhere — as Orton was disguised as a cameraman. This took Edge down for a few minutes, but when the bell rang it was on. Orton delivered another RKO, attacking Edge's weak spot. His neck. Orton had the upper hand during the start of this match. Orton is a dirty fighter; he used a camera against Edge, dragged him into the gym of performance center, and used equipment against Edge.

This also gave WWE viewers a glimpse into the world famous performance center. The match invoked some serious possessive lover vibes, and honestly Orton sold it. Edge started to build stamina and got his own licks in. The anger and passion Edge showed against his former best friend was palpable. This was a match between two grizzled, seasoned vets.

Edge and Randy Orton battle backstage at WrestleMania 36, courtesy of WWE.
Edge and Randy Orton battle backstage at WrestleMania 36, courtesy of WWE.

There were several close calls through the match, but just before the ref got to 10, both men would be back up fighting. They also weren't shy from using their surroundings. From Edge launching himself off of a smith machine onto Orton, to Orton almost slamming a sled into Edge, these guys didn't hold back. The two moved backstage away from the gym, still throwing each other around. At one point Edge dropped himself from the ceiling of an office onto Orton. In the end, Edge won by delivering a chair shot to Orton's head. With tears in his eyes, Edge stood there victorious. This was a passionate match that radiated anger, love, and bitter disappointment. If you missed it, go back and watch it.

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