Heroic Drew McIntyre Will Help Keith Lee Replace Crappy Theme Music

It's been nearly three weeks since Keith Lee made his surprise debut on WWE Raw, and the former NXT Champion still doesn't have a decent set of theme music. Due to a personal grudge by Vince McMahon against CFO$, the musical duo who created Lee's NXT theme and the themes of many current WWE stars, Lee's old theme music that everybody loved was dropped when Lee made his main roster debut. Though the move outraged fans, Lee asked them to have patience at the time, tweeting, "Music is out of my hands. Period. Leave it be. I'll sort it out later."

Keith Lee takes on Drew McIntyre on Monday Night Raw, with the fate of Lee's crappy replacement theme music on the line.
Keith Lee takes on Drew McIntyre on Monday Night Raw, with the fate of Lee's crappy replacement theme music on the line.

However, it's later, and Lee's new theme music, a boring, generic metal tune one might find as one of the preset entrance themes in a WWE 2K video game, continues to suck every time Lee makes his entrance. It's made worse by the fact that the song starts with a sample from Lee's old, superior song, causing viewers to momentarily get their hopes up that they'll be able to bask in the glory of Lee's actually good theme before being hit by the crappy generic metal song.

Lee has kept a relatively positive attitude about the whole thing, which is commendable but isn't doing much to alleviate fan's concerns that they'll be forced to listen to this every time Lee makes an entrance. However, Lee is about to get some major backup in the form of current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre… provided he can defeat McIntyre in a match this Monday. McIntyre took to Twitter to lay out the stipulation, responding to a Tweet from Keith Lee, which read, "Well, my friend…. It seems we get to have a little friendly competition."

McIntyre responded, tweeting, "Indeed. Beat me, and I'll personally have a word about your theme music #WWERAW."

Lee agreed, "That stung….but you're on 😂😂" So we have to assume, if Lee is smart, he'll put everything he has into winning this match. Sure, beating the WWE Champion would be a big win so early in his main roster career, but it wouldn't be as big as finally getting that horrific entrance theme replaced. So with that in mind, this may be the most important match in Lee's entire career. We wish him luck.


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