Is Sasha Banks Headed to AEW? Will She Be Saraya's Mystery Partner?

It's looking more likely than ever that Sasha Banks is done with WWE and could be headed to AEW, according to the latest dirt sheet rumors. Banks and then-tag-team-partner Naomi walked out on WWE earlier this year, as then-reigning Women's Tag Team Champions, in response to the company's perceived lack of respect for the titles. In truth, Banks has long been booked as slightly below the level of peers like Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, despite arguably being more popular than either with fans, so it's not surprising that she finally became fed up. What is surprising is that it looks like WWE has been unable to mend the relationship.

Sasha Banks and Naomi as WWE Women's Tag Team Champions
Sasha Banks and Naomi as WWE Women's Tag Team Champions

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, reporting from the hot springs of a deserted island in the Caribbean Sea, where I am currently enjoying a nice soak as dozens of my loyal subjects tend to my every whim. We already know that Sasha Banks is set to appear at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom in January. But it looks like this could be more than a simple act of rebellion… it could be a full-fledged coup! Haw haw haw haw!

On an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Banks demanded a ridiculous amount of money from WWE to return. He also confirmed that the Wrestle Kingdom appearance wasn't booked through WWE, which means Banks and NJPW must believe that Banks is officially a free agent by that date. Comrades, that would fit with rumors Banks negotiated her release about six months ago, with a six-month non-compete clause.

Even more interesting, comrades, Melter reports that NJPW could not afford the money Banks wanted from WWE, but AEW could. That could mean that either Banks gave WWE an inflated number out of spite with no intention to rejoin, and she's working for NJPW for less. Or, it could mean that Banks has signed a deal with AEW, which would allow her to work dates in NJPW as well.

If all of that is true — and it's a lot of ifs — then it seems very likely that Banks will be Saraya's mystery partner for a tag team match against Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter when AEW Dynamite comes to Los Angeles in January. Debuting Banks at that show would be a great way to impress the Warner Bros Discovery executives who will probably be present, and who might feel a little uneasy after all the CM Punk drama earlier this year.

Sasha Banks is a massive wrestling star and though she has by no means had a bad career in WWE, it has always felt like some of her potential was unrealized. A bonafide wrestling A-lister, Banks would inject massive star power into the AEW women's division, potentially taking it to the next level. And it would come at a time when the division is healthier than ever. That assumes that Tony Khan is capable of booking Banks better than Vince McMahon did, which is certainly possible but by no means a given, with Khan's spotty track record at utilizing new stars after their initial debut, especially in the women's division. But as noted, Banks is on another level from stars like Ruby Soho or Athena.

Comrades, the possible move of Sasha Banks to AEW is analogous to a coalition of socialist nations coming together to fight the forces of imperialism. Banks, like a socialist nation, is standing up to the corporate interests of WWE, a capitalist superpower, and is asserting her desire to be treated with respect and receive fair compensation for her work. Banks is also looking to join forces with other like-minded individuals, such as her potential partner Saraya, and AEW, a smaller but growing promotion that is looking to challenge the stranglehold of WWE on the wrestling industry. Together, these forces can stand up to the powerful oppressive forces of WWE and create a wrestling landscape that is more equitable and just for those who toil in the squared circle.

And so, to Sasha Banks, I say: ¡viva la revolución! And to all of you, my friends, until next time, I remind you: socialism or death! Now, my subjects! Feed me grapes!

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