"It's A Shoe" – The First Field Report From Doctor Who: Time Fracture

The first of the Doctor Who: Time Fracture 'Field Reports' until the immersive experience tickets go on sale widely, has just gone live on the BBC Doctor Who YouTube channel spreading the word of the new London show. It features the Time Crack that ran through Steven Moffat and the Tenth Doctor's run on the character, but we also see that a Converse trainer/sneaker/sandshoe has fallen through the crack to the UNIT team, as worn by the Tenth Doctor.

We have Dr Errol Courtney of UNIT, a reference to Nicolas Courtney, who played the Brigadier, as well as Doctor Evelyn Benton – a relation to the Brigadier's second, Sergeant Harry Benton? Courtney'd ID number does end with the famous address of Sherlock Holmes…

Courtney: This is Doctor Errol Courtney, personal identification number 64221b recording from former UNIT Black Site, location 51 degrees 30 minutes 47.7 seconds north zero degrees eight minutes 51.9 seconds west. Now into day 14,682, observing the time anomaly this site is built around known as the time fracture. Thirty minutes ago both myself, and Doctor Yates witnessed the fracture become active in a manner undocumented since observations began. As you can see from the readings, a huge spike in Cronon and Artron energy was detected radiating from the fracture. These external readings taken from the instruments monitoring the fracture at our laboratory, we hypothesize that the energy spike within the fracture itself is considerably higher. Unfortunately, we don't have accurate numbers to reflect the energy's output. You see when they hit their peak a flash of light emanated from the fracture causing temporary distortion of all electronic equipment within the laboratory. Bad news indeed. When that light subsided two things were observed. Number one, as you can see, the fracture itself is now considerably larger and number two this mysterious item that travelled through the fracture. Upon visual inspection the item in question appears to be…

"It's A Shoe" - The First Field Report From Doctor Who: Time Fracture
"It's A Shoe" – The First Field Report From Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Yates: It's a shoe.

Courtney: Thank you, Doctor Yates but we don't know that.

Yates: It's the left one, it's clearly one of his shoes.

Courtney: The item will now be thoroughly tested by the scientific team. Unfortunately, slow process as due to cutbacks, we are woefully understaffed. The situation is not resolved fracture since its first spike has continued to slowly increase in mass and the energy readings have leveled off, an 1%8 increase on the former baseline, that's held for the last 30 years Evelyn not now

Yates: but it's at eighty percent.

Courtney: Evelyn please, I'm recording two minutes I asked for just two uninterrupted

Yates: I'm sorry eighty percent both the Kronon and Archon energy readings have increased at the base by eighty percent

Courtney: that's not possible it must be another spike it can't be the basic i checked the baseline five minutes ago you're reading the wrong figure check again

Yates: That's a spike.

"It's A Shoe" - The First Field Report From Doctor Who: Time Fracture
Screencap From YouTube

Sergeant Robert Dudley: Sergeant Robert Dudley reporting from UNIT Black Site. Someone needs to find the cause of what's happening inside the time fracture and that someone's going to be me.


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