John Wayne Gacy: Devil In Disguise: Peacock Posts Docuseries Trailer

The "Killer Clown" history of serial killer John Wayne Gacy will be examined in an original six-part documentary series on NBC's Peacock streaming service, John Wayne Gacy: Devil In Disguise. Gacy was a serial killer who brutally raped and murdered 33 young men and kept the bodies under his floorboards beneath his home in Cook County, Illinois. This string of horrific acts took place in that region in the late 1970s and was discovered once he was arrested for a sexual assault in 1986. Many indicative crimes occurred way beforehand and would eventually build up an idea in Gacy that he could get away with the most horrendous acts.

Devil In Disguise: John Wayne Gacy Peacock Docu-Series Trailer Is Here
Promo image for the true-crime documentary. Source: Peacock

Many methods of covering his tracks became held by not only the blind eye of the community around him as he grew up but from his own mother as well. The recent announcement and inclusion of a trailer from Peacock promises to reveal more about not only Gacy's crimes but also about the dirty details of his life and actions.

Not only are we receiving a fantastic and tension-filled trailer for this upcoming docu-series, but we also feel the unease of listening to Gacy in his own words in parts. Insight into how the community around him was deceived into complacency looks to also play a huge part in the story to be told. One of the most prolific American serial killers is being deeply examined and they might just do a good job on this one. True crime documentaries, especially related to specific serial killers, can be hit or miss. Interviews, including one with his second ex-wife, are to be included in the series. Rod Blackhurst, known for his work on the Amanda Knox doc, is producing for Peacock on this project. We'll see if they not only do the victims and the families justice in this series, but if they reveal more than before about the killer clown from Illinois.

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