Kevin Can F**k Himself Series Finale: BCTV Best Episodes of 2022

AMC's Kevin Can F**k Himself produced a unique perspective on the sitcom layout, and in its final episode, "Allison's House," there was no doubt that this series was a sort of wake-up call for the future of sitcoms. Focusing on reentering Worcester, MA, Allison (Annie Murphy) slowly realizes how little it took for things to fall apart around Kevin (Eric Petersen) while she was gone/assumed dead. Not only that, but it took little to no time for Kevin to move on and look for another woman to fill in the role Allison previously occupied.

Favorite Episode- Kevin Can F**k Himself Series Finale
Annie Murphy as Allison – Kevin Can F**k Himself _ Season 1, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Robert Clark/Stalwart Productions/AMC

This episode of Kevin Can F**k Himself truly made me emotional, and for many women out there, it most likely helped them feel seen. So many smart decisions were made in this episode. Having Erinn Hayes appear as the new companion for Kevin in this final episode was brilliant, and a beautiful middle finger to the bullshit Hayes had to go through when she was killed off of the series Kevin Can Wait that featured Kevin James. Hayes' character, Molly, didn't disappoint when it came to her decisions in the second half of the episode. Things at first felt like they would go Kevin's way and Molly wouldn't ever dream of leaving him, but he was wrong. Molly wasn't going to be another complacent female character and push aside the concerning aspects of Kevin's personality when she was forced to see how far Allison went to get away from him. Molly and Allison didn't attack one another or blame each other for anything; instead, they looked towards the actions of Kevin and took action.

Favorite Episode- Kevin Can F**k Himself Series Finale
Eric Petersen as Kevin – Kevin Can F**k Himself _ Season 1, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Robert Clark/Stalwart Productions/AMC

This final episode of Kevin Can F**k Himself set up Allison's life away from Worcester, MA, in such a fantastic way. They showed how she found freedom in the absence of Kevin, but in the end she missed what she was basically forced to give up because of him. It was her town as well, not just Kevin's. Her realizing that over the course of the episode made the ending that much more amazing. People like Patty (Mary Hollis Inboden) are the important pieces that ended up reminding Allison why she should never have had to give up anything and that Kevin should have always owned up to his horrific use of the people in his life. Before going back, Allison (as Gertrude) is out for drinks with a friend/co-worker and reveals that she doesn't believe she deserves to be able to go back to Worcester. She luckily ends up realizing how wrong she is with that statement, that she deserves what she wants.

Kevin Can F**k Himself had one of the most profound scenes of the series in this episode. It was odd to see that scene be the one to wrap things up, but it felt right. Telling the truth felt new and good to Allison. Diane (Jamie Denbo) tells Neil (Alex Bonifer) that it's not her job to help fix him or his problems; the same could be said for the women in Kevin's life. Everything about the scene where Allison confronts Kevin is amazing. There are multiple reasons why it made this episode my favorite on television this year. Kevin realizes how many have left him in his life, and with Molly deciding to leave as well, he realizes how much he hasn't been told "no" in his life because people have feared him. After making multiple jokes and attempting to sidetrack his conversation with Allison, she stands her ground, and something incredible happens. The audience and laugh track we've become used to changes…it's on Allison's side. Once the illusion is over, the sitcom lights and filter switch off. Kevin isn't getting his way, and the real side of him appears. It is both an empowering moment and a terrifying one.

Many women and feminine-presenting individuals have experienced this scary switch from a man in their lives, either close to them or not (sadly, and it tends to be the former). Like many others watching, we've become accustomed to the goofy façade of Kevin, and seeing his real personality come out was horrific and made the episode beyond impactful. It's a cycle of abuse, and Allison's strength shines in this episode as she confronts the threats made by Kevin. The first time Kevin ever swears is in this scene. The slow descent and vindictive nature he has comes forward as he drinks. Kevin Can F**k Himself wrapped up the series with an absolutely phenomenal finale. The filter of Kevin's world went to shit, and we could see the toxicity of man in him in these moments. An incredible series that said goodbye with a one-of-a-kind finale I'll always remember.

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