Kofi Kingston Talks About His Recovery and Big E's Singles Run

Kofi Kingston appeared last week on WWE's The Bump podcast, where he shared an update on his recovery and the timeline for his return to WWE. The gist of it: he's kinda having too much fun at home. But while Kofi may be spending time with his family and taking his time getting back in ring shape, Big E has been holding down the fort for the New Day on Smackdown. Kofi talked about that too in a casual interview.

Kofi Kingston appears on WWE's The Bump podcast.
Kofi Kingston appears on WWE's The Bump podcast.

"I'm feeling pretty good, to be honest," said Kofi. "I've been working on my home gym and it's allowed me to gradually get back into the swing of things. I'm trying not to push too hard, number one, because I don't want to suffer a setback and be out even longer, and number two, I'm spending a lot of quality and quantity time with my family. So I'm just trying to enjoy that. When the time is right, I'll be back, Right now, Big E's holding it down for me and Woods, so it's all good and it's an awesome thing to see him doing his own thing and thriving at that."

For Kofi, as a veteran with many years of experience in WWE, he no longer feels the need to rush to come back from an injury. Instead, he's taking his time so his body can be in the appropriate shape when he does return.

"It's all about taking my time in terms of getting back," Kingston said.  "I'm at the age now where I'm a lot smarter with my body so in terms of coming back and trying to rush back and get in there, it probably wouldn't be the best option. I don't want to be in there and be in any kind of pain. But I'm doing okay. I'm doing alright. My kids are keeping me pretty active so it's all good."

Kofi Kingston admits that it is strange to be watching Big E finally get his big singles run from home. However, there's nothing weird about rooting on his longtime friend.

"It's weird not to be there and to watch from the house, yeah, but no, it doesn't feel weird to support him, because we're always supportive of one another, even when Woods has not been with us," Kingston said. "It's been like almost a year. But we're all just with each other. We stay in constant contact. We text and voice messages. Just because you don't see us on TV doesn't mean that we're not vibing together. Even on Up Up Down Down, we've had several different episodes, so it doesn't feel like, when I said that Woods has been out for almost a year, that kinda surprised me it's been that long, and even with the podcast we see each other every week. So yeah, it's strange to be at home I guess, but like I said, I'm just trying to embrace it while it lasts."

Kofi Kingston had a lot of good things to say about Big E. We mean, a lot. Kingston was gushing with praise about his New Day team member. Like a proud older brother, Kingston went on and on about Big E's greatness.

"Big E has always had that focus and drive," Kingston gushed. "What we do for ourselves helps the entire group and at the same time, we're doing it for the entire group. So when we gave him our blessing, that was us just showing our full support. The entire WWE Universe, along with us, we all believe that Big E deserves a shot. People have been clamoring for Big E to have a singles run for a very, very long time."

"When you think about it, he has all the tools that you think about when you talk about a top tier WWE Superstar," Kingston continued. "He's got the size, they call him Big E because he has enormous muscles. I said this on a different interview, but his muscles have actually gotten bigger during this quarantine period where the gyms have been closed and whatnot. He's found a way to actually get stronger. He's amazing on the mic. One of the most amazing orators and motivators that you've ever seen on the mic. He just does it all. He's likable in there. People love him. He's great with kids. You have a lot of adults that want to be like Big E. If you need him to turn on his aggression, he can do that at the drop of a hat."

You might think Kofi Kingston would be done by now, but he wasn't. Kingston went out of his way to put over Big E in every way possible, just as his New Day teammates advocated for him to get his own singles push that led to a memorable world title run (with a less memorable ending, but we won't talk about that).

"Nobody wants to mess with Big E," said Kingston. "You'd be a fool to. You'd be a fool to get on his bad side. So the fact that he's able to embrace this time as a time to advance in a singles capacity is something that myself and Woods are 100% in support of. Like I said, he's earned it. He deserves it. He's a very, very hard worker. If you think about it, when Big E came into this industry at the Performance Center in Orlando, he had very little experience. He wasn't a huge wrestling fan. He'll tell you that he liked Goldberg. But as far as him having a dream of wanting to be a WWE Superstar, that wasn't a thing. He picked this up and there are so few people that can pick ut up like he has and do what he has done, so I think like I said, he's earned it and he deserves every opportunity to be at the top."

Kofi Kingston feels this is the perfect time for the great Big E singles push.

"Myself and Woods being out, like I said, when I told him before I left when I was diagnosed or whatever, the universe is speaking to us right now," said Kingston. I'm a big proponent of energy and listening to what the universe is trying to tell you and the path it's trying to put you on. So myself and Woods being out now leaves the road open for Big E to go out and dominate like he's been doing. You love to see it, as the kids say. You just love to see it. He's out there killing it like I knew he would, like everybody knew he would, and he's gonna keep on climbing that ladder to the top."


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