Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: Zari

This article contains spoilers for the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode 'Zari'.

Legends of Tomorrow

There was a lot going on in this episode, even though it seemed pretty straightforward. The Legends intercept a distress call from Gary of the Time Bureau and step in to stop the meta-human assassin from killing a woman from the future. Where it gets interesting is that the assassin is Kuasa, the granddaughter of Amaya and possessor of the Water Anansi totem.

The target is a hactivist named Zari Tomaz, and the future is a police state where it's illegal to be a meta and is ruled by ARGUS. As you might guess, when the Legends get involved, things go from bad to worse and they end up fighting ARGUS troops. They cause a bar brawl and perform a prison break where they free all the Metas, all while trying to help Zari.

Meanwhile, Martin and Nate are trying to help Amaya regain control of her Anansi totem and she ends up on a spirit walk. She talks to her ancestors and learn that not only does she have to learn to work with the animal spirits, but her powers get stronger as the danger increases. She is also told of a new totem-bearer that she is to help.

Agent Sharpe shows up with a bigger time ship. She and Sara play chicken, with Sharpe flinching first. Zari had lied to the team about the jailbreak — it wasn't to get her brother out, but to get his necklace, which had given him powers: the Air Anansi Totem. Once they are able to defeat Kuasa and she bails, Zari joins the team.

The fact that she is getting Isis-like powers without the direct tie to Black Adam is a pretty nice workaround. I just did a write-up on Kuasa yesterday and mentioned that there were still two totems unaccounted for, not realizing we'd see what happened to one a few hours later. Zari is going to be good for a few reasons: she will push the team to make the world better, but she will also give someone for Mick to relate to. His reaction to her is almost of a kindred spirit. Someone to connect with since Leonard Snart died.

The similarities between Sharpe and Sara are getting to be a bit too much for coincidence. Did Rip Hunter find himself a Sara replacement? And Martin Stein seems to be less and less comfortable with being on the ship each week. Building towards his rumored exit. It was also interesting to note that Kuasa isn't wearing a visible necklace. Ray Palmer didn't recognize her even though they'd met, and she disappeared using a small stone with a rune carved into it.

Next week we get a Halloween-themed episode where a young Ray Palmer makes friends with an alien creature — and it looks like we see a Dominator from last year's crossover.


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