Megan Fox Would Be All In For A Jennifer's Body TV Series Adapt

Megan Fox, was in a cult classic horror film in 2009 by the name of Jennifer's Body, a project she remains proud of to this day and one that has a possible future in television according to her. The film, written by Diablo Cody, who also went on to create other classics like Juno and Young Adult, is a big part of the horror community that experienced some major marketing problems when it came out. Back in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in 2009, it became evident that the industry had sexualized Fox from a young age, even before Jennifer's Body, starting with a Michael Bay project she was on at 15 years old. Audiences laughed and took it as something not as important to remember, but Fox certainly did.

Megan Fox Would Love For A Jennifer's Body TV Series To Happen
Source: 20th Century Fox

Recently, well since around 2016 with a return to screens on New Girl, getting back into acting has her reminiscing about favorite work from the past. One of those favorite and iconic acting jobs was on the set of Jennifer's Body.

Jennifer's Body is often considered an important film when it comes to women in horror cinema. In attempts to be interviewed about the movie, hyping it up for its upcoming release years ago, Fox wasn't truly listened to and people expected what they saw based on the poster released. Jennifer's Body became confusing to those who watched it, since it had more depth to it than a simple monster or body horror genre would bring to the table. Fox loves how the movie is received today, that it's getting more recognition for what it is instead of what it isn't based on trailer cuts and marketing ads that got it wrong. According to Fox, working on making Jennifer's Body into a series or even developing a sequel would be a really cool thing to do. Besides the hope for a expansion of the Jennifer's Body universe, Fox is looking ahead and with some interest in the DC or Marvel universe. Maybe one day we'll see Fox in that universe next, but for now we all hope her wishes comes true and for Jennifer's Body to get that small screen recognition.

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