Melina Perez Returning to WWE Within Next Week: Report

Former WWE star Melina Perez has signed with the company and will make a return within the next week, according to PWInsider. Working under the single name Melina from 2004-2011 in WWE, Perez is a five-time women's champion and was regarded as an incredible in-ring talent, especially as a woman in the Divas era of WWE. However, she was also known for backstage heat and being difficult to work with, according to rumors, famously having beef with Trish Stratus because Trish and not Melina got to wrestle with Jersey Shore star Snookie at WrestleMania, a highly coveted honor as you can imagine.

Raw: Natalya vs. Melina - Divas Championship Match
Raw: Natalya vs. Melina – Divas Championship Match

Melina's return has sparked some jokes on the internet because John Morrison is also currently working for WWE on Smackdown. Morrison and Melina famously dated on and off for many years, and a longstanding rumor is that Morrison, despite his in-ring talent, was never respected by Vince McMahon because he let Dave Bautista have sex with Melina while they were dating. This was before the whole "cucking" phenomenon became well-known on the internet, but it's definitely a subject with which Vince McMahon has shown a major interest, based on all the times he's booked cucking storylines in the WWE. As to whether or not Morrison and Melina were cuckers, that's a personal matter, but Melina denied having sex with Dave Bautista in a 2015 interview. According to Melina, Bautista defended her from bullying backstage and that caused some of the other wrestlers to make up rumors about the cucking.

The bottom line is that Melina is coming back to WWE, if this rumor is to be believed, it's only a question of what brand she'll be on. She could appear as early as tonight on Smackdown. The other major question, of course, is would The Chadster agree to allow my wife, Keighleyanne, to have sex with Dave Bautista, and the answer there is: probably yes.

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