Michael Cole Promoted to Vice President of Announcing at WWE

The voice of WWE is now also a Vice President. According to PWInsider's Mike Johnson, Michael Cole has been promoted to Vice President of Announcing at WWE. The change was reportedly made a few weeks ago. Cole now adds Vice President to his list of accomplishments that already includes an undefeated record at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole is the Cole Survivor

Michael Cole is the only remaining WWE on-air talent to remain active on a regular basis since the company's famed Attitude Era. Cole has been with the company since 1997. He started as a backstage interviewer and frequently found himself the foil of WWE Superstars such as The Rock. After a few false starts, Cole scored a regular announcing gig with the launch of WWE Smackdown in 1999. He was soon joined by Tazz as color commentator. Cole served as Smackdown's play-by-play announcer for nearly ten years, moving to WWE Raw in 2008. Cole would eventually replace Jim Ross as the voice of WWE.

Longtime announcer Michael Cole is the new Vice President of Announcing at WWE.
Longtime announcer Michael Cole is the new Vice President of Announcing at WWE.

Nowadays, Cole serves as the announcer of WWE Smackdown on Fox. Smackdown has arguably been the company's most high-profile show since moving to network television. In addition, Cole mentors up-and-coming announcers to get them proficient in the WWE style. In that way, Cole spreads his trademark announcing style to the next generation of announcers. One can hardly tell the difference when listening to Todd Phillips call matches on WWE Monday Night Raw.

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

Promoting Michael Cole to Vice President is a smart move by WWE. It's also a well-deserved promotion for Cole. For more than two decades, Cole has left his mark on WWE's televised programming. His relentless attention to branding and catchphrases conveys McDonalds-like properties on WWE's commentary. No matter what match is happening, no matter where you watch it, you can always count on reliable consistency from Cole.

As a lifelong wrestling fan, I'm glad to know that future generations will benefit from Cole's influence on the profession of wrestling commentary. Congratulations to Michael Cole on earning this executive position. Hopefully, this isn't a sign that Cole is planning on leaving the commentary desk behind for managerial duties any time soon.

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