My Hero Academia, Death Note & More: 5 Anime Villain/Trump Comparisons

Recent events in the real world have made me rethink the anime I love and how characters would react to the events if our worlds ever collided. To put it more bluntly, I wonder which villains would act for themselves and which would be on the wrong side of history by supporting someone like Trump. We all know there are a few out there that would totally be okay with caging kids, controlling media, limiting immigration, and making sure to stay in power to satisfy their own unquenchable petty whims- but are there lines even some "big bads" from My Hero Academia, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Death Note, Corrector Yui, and Sailor Moon wouldn't cross? Putting aside that every villain's endgame is to either control or destroy everything, here's where I think some familiar names would side in our current political climate.

Anime villains wouldn't mind the Trump administration at all- except maybe one (Anime Images: screencaps)

All For One ('My Hero Academia"): I mean, the name pretty much says it all, right? All For One- making sure all the power stays within the grasp of just a selected few. The unlimited want of infinite power not even for a greater good, just because of pure selfishness. Do we even need to tell you how much he would respectfully rock a MAGA hat?

Fire Lord Ozai ("Avatar: The Last Airbender"): Another selfish d-bag who has made sure to do pretty much all of the above: limiting media and creating propaganda while pretty much everyone knows the current state of things is pure crap. The scariest thing about Ozai (as well as the current administration) is the spread of hate among everyone and everything: making sure everyone stays separate in order to conquer. Okay, that makes us 0-2 as All For One and Fire Lord Ozai carpool to the next super-spreader event.

Light Yagami ("Death Note"): I think Light has much more going on as an individual and not as shallow and all-surface as Trump and his ilk- though Light is pretty nihilistic in his boredom with existence. I imagine him puppeteering people in power just to make things fun for himself, but more out of giving him a will to live with that feeling of pursuit. When it comes to crossing certain lines, I think it is safe to say that Light wouldn't hesitate to push back on selfish, petty destructiveness- if for no other reason than to prove just how inconsequential they are in the bigger scheme of things. Okay, so we're a soft 1-2…

Virus ("Corrector Yui"): Well, that was nice while it lasted. Another one that is just like its name, spreading across the globe and corrupting as it goes. When you see how things you thought were once safe (like facts and science) being attacked from all sides by the misinformed who are fed nothing but propaganda like red meat to the wolves, you realize how in no time whatsoever deadly disinformation can spread like a wildfire. In terms of this administration, think Trump's "mistress of propaganda" Kayleigh McEnany if you're looking for a comparison.

Wiseman ("Sailor Moon"): The reincarnation of chaos itself: controlling, corrupting, and puppeteering others to reach his final goal which is just selfish destruction for no real means… or means I can honestly understand. Wiseman did not care about any of his lackeys, just like He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named who keeps holding super-spreader events that are killing even his own fan-base. Killing a whole nation just to gain power, a true nightmare. So it looks like that makes it (at best) 1-4 when it comes to where anime villains would land in the age of Trumpism (mad respect to Light). But then again, we should not be surprised: they are villains for a reason.

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