My Hero Academia Trailer: Our Thoughts & Expectations for Season 5

The second trailer for the upcoming season of My Hero Academia has left us screaming from excitement. Visually, the animation just keeps getting better and better with each new season. It seems it will be just as packed with action as the previous season was. Also, it does not seem they want to give away much of what will come on this upcoming arc– most scenes appear to be from the same tournament or event between both first-year classes.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Trailer: Thoughts and Expectations (Image: TOHO screencap)
My Hero Academia Season 5 Trailer: Thoughts and Expectations (Image: TOHO screencap)

Now, this is strictly from the anime (I am approaching this "manga blind"), but I am incredibly excited to see what is about to come, which characters they will flesh out this season, and the new ones we will be introduced to. I do have some specific "wants" of what I would love to see this coming season, though:

More Class 1-B: I have been fascinated by these kids since we were first introduced to them… specially Shinso. I am ecstatic to see how much they have grown and to finally see him in action. I think he had so much potential and I am curious to see what they will do with the character.

More Pro-Hero Training Alongside Heroes: Something I have liked so far about My Hero Academia is the writing. It is not lazy and does not waste time going into long blabbers. If something appears, you know it has meaning and will play a part at some point. I imagine this was the case when we got to see the Pro-Hero rankings and we were introduced to all those heroes. I look forward to seeing more of Hawks and Mirko. I also look forward to seeing a change in Endeavor and seeing him become the best hero he can be. For some reason, I have a feeling he is trying to make things right and I would love to see him become a mentor to the students of Class 1-A. I think it will be fascinating to him in action alongside Hawks.

More All Might and Deku: There have been some foreboding tones whenever we see All Might with Deku lately as if there is something All Might is putting off telling, or rather confessing. I think we all might have an idea of what it might be regarding his power, I mean. I always have so many questions when it comes to All Might and love his relationship with Deku. I cannot stand this feeling like something will happen, but I can not shake this feeling that there are other shoes to drop.

Possible Bakugo Redeeming? Yes? Am I the only one who really does not like Bakugo and feels like I am missing something? I think there have been a few moments where he has shown growth lately, which makes me hopeful that there will be changes coming. However, I still cannot like him considering he has pretty much been a bully throughout.

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