NXT Takeover 31 Results – Santos Escobar Overcomes Swerve's Challenge

We get a commercial for NXT Halloween Havoc, happening October 28th!!! We see Johnny Gargano, who lost his match earlier tonight against Damian Priest, psyching up Candice LeRea for her match against Candice LeRea. But first, it's time for Santos Escobar to defend the Cruiserweight Championship against Isaiah "Swerve" Scott."

Welcome to Bleeding Cool's live results and analysis for NXT Takeover 31, emanating from WWE's Capitol Wrestling Center at the newly revamped WWE Performance Center. You can scroll down to the bottom for links to our coverage of the other articles tonight.

After a video package, Swerve comes to the ring, followed by Escobar.

Santos Escobar defends the NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Isaiah "Swerve" Scott at NXT Takeover 31
Santos Escobar defends the NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Isaiah "Swerve" Scott at NXT Takeover 31

NXT Takeover 31 Results Part 3 – Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs. Santos Escobar – NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match

  • The story here is that Santos Escobar, in general, is a dick and has been using his group, Legado del Fantasma, to dominate the NXT cruiserweight division. But Swerve is the one man to pin him, and he's sure that if he can have a fair shot with no interference, he can win the belt. He's probably right… but will he get the clean finish he desires? That's another matter.
  • Well, a really good match that has the crowd hot; Legado del Fantasma do run out and try to interfere… but Ashante "Thee" Adonis shows up to chase them off.
  • Swerve does get caught with a Phantom Driver. But he kicks out. Commentary says he's the first man to ever do so. Who am I to argue?
  • Swerve makes a comeback after that and hits House Call, then a 450 splash… but Escobar kicks out of that!
  • Escobar knocks Swerve into the metal part of the turnbuckle between the pad and the post, then hits a shoulderbreaker for the win.

That's too bad for Swerve because the crowd was really behind him here at NXT Takeover 31, and with good reason, because this was an excellent match. But Escobar is too good to have a short Cruiserweight Championship run, and losing now would undercut all the heat he's built with Legado del Fantasma. So this was a great match with the ending we needed, even it wasn't the ending we wanted.

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