Pokémon GO Content Creator Poké AK: YouTube Creator Spotlight

A short while ago, I wrote an article for Bleeding Cool about the Pokémon GO bloggers and content creators of YouTube. There was an egregious snub in the article, but the truth is, this specific content creator deserves his own spotlight piece. Elite Pokémon GO player and content creator Poké AK has been publishing videos on his YouTube channel since April 8th, 2012 before Pokémon GO was even a thing. Here's a look at where he started, what his channel has to offer, and what he is doing now.

A Pokémon GO PVP battle. Credit: Poké AK on YouTube
A Pokémon GO PVP battle. Credit: Poké AK on YouTube

Poké AK started out with Digimon content, as well as videos focusing on other games here and there. For the past few years, he has focused his channel entirely on Pokémon GO, where he makes stripped-down videos discussing the game's news, giving tips on all aspects of the game, and showcasing his elite playing style with screen recordings. The Alaska-dwelling vlogger sets himself apart from the other Pokémon GO bloggers by focusing on the gameplay rather than himself on most occasions, with videos that feature only the game on the screen backed up by his voice. In an odd way, this feels almost more intimate than the curated vlogs of other channels, as Poké AK's conversational style creates the feeling that you're on the phone with a friend who is way, way better at Pokémon GO than you.

That isn't to say that Poké AK doesn't get personal on his channel. Every now and then, he checks in with a storytelling video that covers his lifelong love of Pokémon, his experience with odd things happening while playing, and other stories. His no-frills approach to his videos as well as his honest, friendly, down-to-earth, welcoming vibe, along with his immense skill, makes him one of the best content creators on the platform.

The top five most viewed videos on his channel include:

That said, Poké AK's best content is happening right now. If you're into Pokémon GO, he is one of the top creators to follow.

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