The Pokémon GO Vloggers & Content Creators Of YouTube

Pokémon GO is a game that calls for people to come together as friends to battle, trade, and raid. The game's community continues to grow online, with trainers gathering to share research findings on Reddit, to connect for remote raids on Facebook and Discord, to watch streamers play live on Twitch, and to follow Pokémon GO vloggers on YouTube. YouTube has especially become a premiere place for trainers to go for information and tips, as a group of longtime players have risen to prominence on the platform with their videos about the game. Here is a list of must-follow Pokémon GO content creators on YouTube and what they can offer trainers.

ZöeTwoDots and Kriket23 react to a Gible hatch. Credit: ZöeTwoDots
ZöeTwoDots and Kriket23 react to a Gible hatch. Credit: ZöeTwoDots
  • Mystic7: The most followed Pokémon GO vlogger at over 2 Million subscriptions, Mystic7 is a longtime player named Brandon who creates multiple cinematic vlogs documenting his experiences playing the game every week. Mystic7's vlogs, which are fun, light, and understandable to players of any level. Brandon created content focused on the promotion of mental health with his upcoming Willow platform.
  • ZöeTwoDots: Zöe is a Pokémon GO trainer's Pokémon GO trainer. The Australian vlogger creates the most well-rounded vlogs in the community due to her appreciation for the creatures' designs, her attention to both raid-relevant and PVP-relevant catches, and especially her Shiny checking. In addition to all of this, she consistently offers a well-rounded breakdown of what is coming in the game in her videos.
  • Kriket23: Another Aussy, Kriket23 is an up-and-comer as a Pokémon content creator and creates both vlogs and streams that capture immense enthusiasm for the game. Sometimes, fandom can get overly negative, and that is truer of the Pokémon GO community online more than anything else. Kriket23 creates content that has the potential to remind players why they fell in love with the game.
  • JTGily: An elite raider and Shiny collector, JTGily's channel shows players how to grind in the game while still having fun. The level of genuine enthusiasm he has is matched by the helpful tips he offers just by showing players screen recordings of his elite playing style. He makes some of the most outright enjoyable videos on the platform, which makes players feel like they're playing with a friend rather than watching curated content.
  • PkmnMasterHolly: Holly is a lifelong Pokémon fan and she brings that passion to her channel, which covers casual playing, hardcore raiding during events, Shiny hunting, and even emotional stories about her connection to this beloved franchise.
  • The Trainer Club: Bar none, the Trainer Club's Billy creates the most helpful Pokémon GO videos on YouTube for trainers looking to improve their playstyle. He breaks down events, in-game mechanics, and… well, pretty much every aspect of the game. When there was a glitch in the game that allowed the Team GO Rocket Leader's Shadow Pokémon to be Shiny checked multiple times per day, he covered it. When there was a glitch that allowed Mega Pokémon to be powered up way higher than Niantic's intended CP limit, he tested the glitch in a solo raid against a Legendary. He will transform any trainer's playing style for those looking to learn.

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