Punisher Gets an Awesome Looking New Mondo Poster by Jock

Punisher is invading Mondo today, as we get a new limited poster from one of the best artists working today- Jock. Randomly on sale at some point today (maybe even as you are reading this) at Mondo, this stunning piece is a must for fans of the Jon Bernthal version of Frank Castle.

Punisher Gets an Awesome Looking New Mondo Poster by Jock

Tomorrow we'll have a brilliant new poster for THE PUNISHER – the most recent (and excellent) entry into the Marvel/Netflix lexicon of shows. We're completely enamored with Jon Bernthal's dogged and stoic portrayal of Frank Castle, and are excited to release a poster for the character by the one and only Jock!

This is an exciting pairing of artist and subject as Jock's gritty, visceral rendering style nicely captures the tone of the show and portrays Frank as a watchful and powerful force of nature. If you haven't seen the show yet, we definitely suggest remedying that.

Jock is one of my favorite artists, so I may actually be trying to get this one. I have terrible luck when it comes to getting these, but hey- you gotta try right? Jock had this to say about the collaboration:

"I've always wanted to take a crack at THE PUNISHER and this was a unique opportunity to do so, tying it into Jon Bernthal's super tough performance in the show. The concept started with the figure far more hidden, wearing night vision goggles appearing out of the smoke, but morphed into the clearer image we see now. I wanted him to appear as dangerous as possible. Deadly."

Man, I really want this. The edition size on this one is only 250. Like all of their other drops, you have to be super quick. It will run you $50 when it goes on sale some point today. Follow Mondo on Twitter for the announcement.

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