Renee Young Working with AEW is "Inevitable," Reports Meltzer

News broke this week that longtime WWE TV host, commentator, and interviewer Renee Young gave her notice to the company and will be leaving in the near future. The question of where Young will end up next currently has no definite answer. Young could easily land a job as a TV host in a more mainstream area, and a job with a sports network like ESPN or Fox is certainly possible. She's also got a cookbook coming out and could easily branch out outside the world of sports as well.

WWE's Renee Young doing commentary for Monday Night Raw (Image: WWE)
WWE's Renee Young doing commentary for Monday Night Raw (Image: WWE)

While all of that is possible and even likely, according to a source of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer, Young won't leave the world of pro wrestling behind for good and will eventually end up working with AEW, where her husband, Jon Moxley, is world champion, even if just in a sort of cameo role. Meltzer writes in the lastest issue of the Observer:

One person close to the situation said it's inevitable she hosts something or does something for AEW but there is not deal at the present time for anything. Everyone in the company knows her. But it probably won't be soon since her WWE announcing deal does have a serious non compete clause.

Outside of wrestling she already has some cool stuff that has been presented to her. Her interest would include anything sports, talk shows, comedy shows or podcast shows among likely other things. Before she got into broadcasting she had moved to California from Toronto for acting so that is part of her background that isn't as well publicized, and did some minor acting roles.

While WWE fans will certainly miss Renee Young, her departure is good news for one person: The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin. For months, Corbin has struggled to achieve recognition for his cooking skills, constantly posting photos and videos of his culinary accomplishments, only for them to be ignored. In contrast, Young's various tweets and Instagram posts about cooking receive rave reviews from her peers. With Young out of the way, it's finally time for King Corbin to shine, and while I'll miss Renee, The Chadster couldn't be happier for the King's opportunity.

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