Roundtable Interview with Ace From 'Doctor Who': A History Of Feistiness And Peace

Roundtable Interview with Ace From 'Doctor Who':  A History Of Feistiness And Peace

Interview brought to you by Bleeding Cool's Madeline Potts:

Longtime classic Doctor Who fans doubtless remember Ace, companion to Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy. She was the feisty and headstrong companion who was never afraid to get into a scrap.

The end of her tale was never told in the series itself. Other endings were given to her, including her being killed off as well as her inheriting the mantel of the Time Lords when they became extinct.

Bleeding Cool's Madeline Potts landed an interview with Ace actress Sophie Aldred at San Diego Comic Con today and was able to learn quite a bit about how the actress felt about her character, her role, and the legacy it left behind.

She was around for a lot of questions and seems quite happy to talk about Ace and Doctor Who.

She adored her character, her scrappy attitude, and the fact that she was well-rounded enough to have a softer side to her. She appreciates that co-star Sylvester McCoy's version of the Doctor allowed for Ace to have room to breathe as a character. She is quite fine with where the series left off with her character and likes the ending she received in the Doctor Who audio drama, Big Finish, wherein Ace became an inheritor of the Time Lords.

She had heard of other ideas floated for Ace's finale; one involved her becoming the captain of an Enterprise-esque ship and meeting the Doctor once again. She also heard of an idea Russell T Davies had for an episode of Sarah Jane Adventures wherein Ace would meet Sarah Jane. Apparently Davies wanted to bring back a lot of old characters for the show.

When asked what the greatest legacy of Doctor Who is, Ms. Aldred said that it has united a lot of people in love with peace and a peace-loving character. Above all else, she feels that the Doctor is an individual who wants peace above all else, and now a lot of people get to share that love.

The interview is quite worth a watch for any Doctor Who fan. Sophie Aldred is definitely someone who is proud of the work she has done and has no qualms sharing her love of it.

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