RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Ru-watch Finds Our Queens Going Gaga

I vaguely remember watching RuPaul's Drag Race season 9 as it aired though I'm not sure I saw all the episodes at the time, which makes this season perfectly primed for a rewatch! The ninth season brought us back "Miss Cu-Cu" herself, Cynthia Lee Fontaine is back and outrageous as ever. Speaking of being back, we got Eureka, although only briefly before she was sent home in the fifth episode due to tearing her ACL. Note to self: leave the jumping into splits to the professional drag queens.

Drag Race Season 9 Rewatch Review (Image; VH1)
Drag Race Season 9 Rewatch Review (Image; VH1)

I am in absolute love with all the challenges on this season, especially the makeover challenge – they had to make over guys behind the camera on Drag Race – yes, the crew makeover was absolutely sickening and I'm here for all of that. Unfortunately, Valentina is probably the most forgettable Miss Congeniality, but that's okay because she really gets time to shine once she gets to All Stars 4.

Shay Coulee's rose petal PTSD may be a running joke now or something, but bitch – you're really going to tell me you came to the final lip sync stage without any kind of gimmick or reveal up your sleeve? Are you kidding me, queen? Come on – you slay completely and you know better than that. I'm sorry, but this was on you for failing to prepare. I mean, come on! I'm not asking for rose petals from your wig, you could have given us a coat reveal or even a wig reveal – you came out in a short wig, why not put in that extra effort and make us work for that reveal? I have the same issue with Kameron Michaels's look – she was great, but I would have loved a coat or something just to add that extra "wow" factor. And that's why Sasha ultimately won the lip syncs: she brought an element of surprise to each performance.

Now, I'm going to share my controversial opinion here, but I don't care for Sasha Velour's style. I love her brains and how she's smart about the art…but as far as her art style, it feels familiar, like we've seen it before since the very first season. In my personal Drag Race head-canon, Shay would have won season 9, and then Jujubee or Alexis Mateo would have finally gotten the crown she so very much deserves.

But I digress. The pop-art drag queen won, which sadly deprived us of Peppermint being the first trans-queen with the title. Honestly though? Runner up is a hell of an achievement – you go, Miss Minty! All in all, entertaining season from the beginning with a Lady Gaga cameo right up to the end with chic village people looks. I'm gagged by the whole season from top to bottom.

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