Seth Rollins Proves More Dangerous Than Fall Off 7-Story Building

WWE has issued an update on the status of Rey Mysterio following the brutal attack by Seth Rollins on Monday's episode of Raw. Rollins, who was totally zoned out for most of the night, sprung into action suddenly during a tag team match between him and Buddy Murphy vs. Mysterio and Aleister Black, viciously assaulting Mysterio and ending by jamming Mysterio's bleeding eyeball into the corner of the steel ring steps. According to the report from, Mysterio is still in critical condition two days after the attack.

Rey Mysterio's injury status is still listed as critical. Doctors cannot properly assess the damage to his retina until the swelling subsides, as Rey is currently at-risk for infection.

Mysterio suffered an eye injury when Seth Rollins grinded his face into the corner of the steel ring steps.

Stick with WWE's digital and social platforms for more information on Mysterio's status as it becomes available, and tune in to Raw every Monday at 8/7 C on USA.

Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy: Raw, May 11, 2020
Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy: Raw, May 11, 2020

The long-term effects on Mysterio's health from Rollins' attack go to show just how dangerous Rollins is as a competitor as if that career-ending buckle bomb against Sting wasn't bad enough. Mysterio has shown himself to be a tough competitor in the past, continuing to wrestle at age 45 despite both of his surgically-repaired knees being held together with bubble gum and toothpicks at this point. Even more astoundingly, Mysterio survived a fall off a seven-story office building at Sunday's Money in the Bank PPV, only to appear on Raw in-ring shape the next night. Black was also thrown off the roof by Baron Corbin, but we'll have to assume that he landed on Mysterio, who was able to take the brunt of the trauma and cushion Black's landing. If a fall off a building can't take Mysterio out of action, but Seth Rollins can, that truly reveals the power of the Monday Night Messiah. Either that or off-camera, Rollins showed Rey those leaked dick pics of his from a few years back, which would cause more severe injury to someone's retina than steel stairs ever could.

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