Seth Rollins will Return Next Friday on Smackdown

Seth Rollins is set to make his return next week on Smackdown, WWE revealed with a video teaser during tonight's episode. Rollins has been out on paternity leave since November, and he and Becky Lynch had their daughter in early December and Rollins was originally advertised to return at the beginning of 2021, but that return was pushed back. But now, with WrestleMania season ramping up, the former Monday Night Messiah's presence is needed once again.

WWE announced the return of Seth Rollins on Smackdown next week
WWE announced the return of Seth Rollins on Smackdown next week

With Rollins out for several months and fans aware he's a new dad, it's hard to imagine he wouldn't get cheered on his return… under normal circumstances, that is. But the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for WWE, as long as you don't count all the wrestlers who have gotten COVID because of WWE's crappy safety practices. Having complete control over the audience because many of them are previously-recorded digital images and most of the sound comes from the WWE version of a laugh track means you don't have to worry about fans going against plans and booing or cheering the "wrong" person. So if Rollins is coming back as a heel, those fake fans are going to boo him, god damn it!

When Rollins does return, I do hope that means he resumes his months-long feud with the Mysterio family and we get to see more of the romance drama between Murphy and the nineteen-year-old Aalyah Mysterio, a storyline that was just kind of dropped (along with any instances of Murphy appearing on television) after Rollins took time off. One also has to wonder if and when Becky Lynch is planning to come back to work. If it will be in time for WrestleMania, one would expect something to happen soon, as WWE would surely want to use Becky, whose drawing power is greater than her husband's, to promote the show.

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