Smackdown Ratings Fall as Baron Corbin Mistreated by Otis

In an outrageous display of disrespect for The Ratings King of Friday Night, Baron Corbin was embarrassed before and during his match with Otis on Friday Night Smackdown last night, leading to a dip in both ratings and viewership for WWE's blue brand. Before their scheduled match, Otis happened upon Baron Corbin's crown on a chair backstage, and, can you believe it? He tried it on. How can King Corbin be expected to wear that crown now?! And sure, you can't blame a cretin like Otis for trying on a fancy hat when he sees one, but Mandy Rose ought to know better. But she encouraged him nevertheless.

King Corbin wasn't happy, and personally, I nearly turned the television off myself at that point. And according to the numbers from Showbuzz Daily, a lot of people did. The show was down from last week's 6.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic, coming in third place with a  5.5. Viewership was down too, with 1.908 million viewers compared to last week's 2.15 million. That's what happens when you make Baron Corbin look like a fool.

Now, had Corbin gotten his comeuppance and pinned that disgusting oaf in a match, then it might have turned things around, but Otis came out on top, winning by disqualification. Corbin would have had the satisfaction of a beatdown with a chair, but unfortunately, Otis's stomach is impervious to pain. I have to say, this treatment of Baron Corbin really turned The Chadster off for the night. When my wife, Keighleyanne, wanted to fool around afterward, I had to tell her I wasn't in the mood. When she asked why I asked her if she didn't just watch the same Baron Corbin match I did. She just rolled her eyes, so I know she agrees with me. Hopefully, WWE treats Corbin better next week and sees a ratings boost in return.

The official logo of the WWE.
The official logo of the WWE.


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