Smosh & Danny Trejo Take On Twisted Tacos for Eat It Or Yeet It!

A recent episode of Smosh's Eat It Or Yeet It! included an iconic face, Danny Trejo, who was joined by some of the cast and crew at his restaurant, Trejo's Tacos in Santa Monica, CA. In a unique and wholesome collaboration, in this episode of the favorite Smosh segment, there are many rounds where I found myself wishing I were in California myself to get a quick taste of some awesome-looking tacos.

Smosh Joins Danny Trejo For Twisted Tacos On Eat It Or Yeet It!
Source: Smosh Pit YouTube

As Garrett held his breath round after round of possibly presenting the cast with tampered versions of Trejo's delicious food and drinks, each moment got better and better. Trejo's impeccably sweet and personable demeanor mixed with the antics of an episode of Eat It Or Yet It! was fantastic and made me hungry in the process oddly enough. The contestants included NoahOliviaShayneJackie, and Damien with Courtney hosting as usual.

On Trejo's website, the story of Trejo's Tacos reads, "In 2016 Danny Trejo opened his first restaurant in Los Angeles called "Trejos Tacos" From those humble beginnings Danny has expanded his restaurant business to include numerous restaurants, Trejo's Cerveza his Mexican style beer and Trejo's Coffee and Donuts. Thank you for visiting our store. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. God Bless."

From cookbooks to coffee grounds, Trejo has a lot of random and fun merch to match the style and logo of his restaurants. Personally, I would have loved to get some of those chips and salsa from the beginning of the Smosh Pit video, dear lord did that look insanely good. It's really cool to see the established powerhouse that is Trejo collaborate with Smosh in this way. Personally, I'd hope to see more of this in the future and can't wait for what guests are included next on a new Smosh video.

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