Sonya Deville Looks to Hollywood for Post-Wrestling Career

WWE Smackdown star Sonya Deville looks to be one of WWE's next breakout star. Though Deville's storyline with her former friend turned, rival Mandy Rose took a bit of a hiatus due to coronavirus interruptions over the last month. Sonya and Mandy rekindled their feud on Smackdown last Friday, with Deville cutting off Rose's hair in a fit of jealousy.

If acting and donut making don't work out as post-wrestling careers, Sonya Deville could always become a barber.
If acting and donut making don't work out as post-wrestling careers, Sonya Deville could always become a barber.

For both Deville and Rose, 2020 has been a big year, with both women going from essentially jobbers to having one of the most prominent feuds on Smackdown. And Deville, in particular, has excelled in her new role as a vicious heel jealous of her former partner. In a new interview with noted wrestling dirt sheet International Business Times, Deville commented on taking acting classes and hoping to transition to a Hollywood career once her wrestling one comes to an end, not that she's looking for that to happen anytime soon.

"Before I got to WWE, the two things that I loved most were acting and fighting," Said Deville in the interview. "That's why I was out in Los Angeles. When I discovered WWE, I was like, 'Wait a second. This is the combination of the two things that I literally love the most.' It's performing and fighting, and it's kind of everything rolled into one. I kind of organically stumbled upon my dream job. I'm so happy here, and I plan to be here for a long time, but when my body can't handle it anymore or when the time's right, I would love to transition into acting and be in movies. I'd love to be the first female to really make that transition from WWE to Hollywood."

But even if that doesn't work. Deville will have another source of income to rely on: her donut business with none other than her arch-rival, Mandy Rose.

"We are currently working on expanding the merchandise line," Deville said of DaMandyz Donutz. "We have a lot of cool announcements coming up in the coming weeks. Let's just say we will be available on other platforms so that ordering is easier, faster, more efficient so that we can have more diversity in our items and our products, which we are super excited to announce. You heard right; doughnuts are on the way. More details to come in the coming months, but we're closer to producing the actual DaMandyz Donut than we've ever been."

Read the full interview, including Deville's take on LGBTQ representation in the wrestling business, here.

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