Sonya DeVille Was Plenty Pissed At Charlotte Flair At SmackDown

It's been the talk of the wrestling world since Saturday morning that reportedly, top WWE Women's stars Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch had a heated confrontation following a very awkward (and awful) closing segment on this past Friday's SmackDown.  People are quick to forget though that there was a third woman in the ring for the segment who had to witness Flair "go into business for herself" and that was SmackDown authority figure Sonya DeVille, who was reportedly very hot at the new SmackDown Women's Champion herself following the segment.

Sonya DeVille Was Plenty Pissed At Charlotte Flair At SmackDown
Sonya DeVille and Charlotte Flair on SmackDown this past Friday, courtesy of WWE.

According to Mike Johnson of (who's been the main reporter on this situation since the beginning), Sonya DeVille joined Becky Lynch and most of the locker room in being furious with Charlotte Flair and how she conducted herself during the segment.  DeVille was even so mad that others thought she was "mad enough to want to fight Flair".

"The Lynch confrontation took place in the gorilla position in full view of Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard, among others and received the lion's share of attention initially, but Lynch was not the only person upset with Flair.  Two different sources described Sonya Deville as "mad enough to want to fight Flair" and at one point, also having an argument with Flair backstage at Smackdown."

Watching the segment live, you could definitely sense not only the tension between the two Women's Champions but also with Sonya DeVille, especially when she ordered Flair to pick up the title she had just thrown on the ground, sounding like a frustrated adult dealing with a child.

It's easy to empathize with Sonya DeVille (and Becky Lynch) here.  She's a very talented performer who isn't even allowed at the moment to compete as a wrestler and is instead used in a non-physical role.  Yet here she is having to look at someone with all of the ability and talent in the world act like a diva who needs everything catered to her or she'll throw a public fit over it.

While we don't have any clue as to how the situation with Charlotte Flair will play out (there's a lot of moving pieces there!), here's hoping that Sonya DeVille will be allowed to resume her career as a wrestler soon, as she's much too talented to just be used as a random authority figure.

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