The Great North Offered Reminder Of What We Love About Love: Review

The official premiere of The Great North on FOX, although delayed by a week, was full of heart while it was finding a voice among great shows in the Animation Domination lineup. The Tobin family seems to be made only better by the storytelling that involved Honeybee's background and the relatability of what her family expected of her. The unique struggles of living in Alaska are involved in some memorable and fantastic dialogue in the episode.

The Great North Premiere Had Us Remember Why We Care About Love
Honeybee explains how she met Wolf. Source: Fox

One of the best voices in the episode had to be from Will Forte as Wolf Tobin. He strives to make a memorable six-month anniversary surprise for Honeybee as she's interviewed on her life by Judy. His heartfelt and pure intent on making his partner happy by obtaining avocados for her favorite food is a relationship goal for sure. 

It has been a pleasure viewing the premiere episode of The Great North. The show has some fantastic animation compared to what it could have started with. Having a foundation made of great animators and creators helps them greatly when looking at this show against past animated fox comedies. I found myself deeply caring for the love story of Wolf and Honeybee as it was told through Honeybee's point of view and then met with Wolf's. The importance of finding someone that fits with the weird and unique parts of yourself is valuable. The Great North did a great job at showing what love can be like more than some sitcoms attempt to do. It's evident that some jokes can at times feel pushed into situations that they don't seem to fit in, but the amount of quality funny moments makes up for it greatly. I'm excited to see the direction this series goes in. For now, let us know in the comments what you liked about this latest premiere on Fox!

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