The Great North Season 1 Finale Exactly What Viewers Deserved: Review

FOX's The Great North recently aired their season one finale, making a total of eleven episodes for their series debut, and obviously, they're making impressions since receiving the go-ahead for a third season. The episode, "My Fart Will Go On", written by Laura Hooper Beck and Mike Olsen, revolves around the wedding of Wolf and Honeybee. The Tobin family works hard to make things work out for this Titanic-themed wedding day, full of throwbacks to the movie, even a special appearance from "the baby held by Billy Zane" doing hilarious quiet sobs.

The Great North Gave Fans A Fantastic Season 1 Finale: Review
The Tobin family has a surprise guest at the wedding. Source: FOX

With a looming possibility that the distant and toxic mother of the Tobin kids might swing into town, Judy gathers everyone to attempt a shadow wedding event. Realization sets in that by jumping through hoops for their horrendous matriarch would be just as bad for them and would ruin the heart of the wedding.

I found the ending of this first season to be a great example of what adult animation can do with a story featuring a family with a dynamic such as this. Some might look at the relationship of Honeybee and Wolf as odd and believe it might not last, but they're wrong. I saw a lot of my own relationship in that episode, along with the quirks and deep respect for the other person. Wolf's character is quirky and often all over the place, but he deeply respects Honeybee's autonomy and individuality…in fact, that's what connects each other. We've seen the relationship grow and reveal itself more and more by the eleventh episode and now it rewards viewers and fans at the wedding. It's a great jumping-off point for The Great North, it both reflects an abundance of possibility for the characters and the types of issues to be explored in future seasons.

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