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The Office Star Rainn Wilson Challenges Sting… the Wrestler, Right?

Look, before we even get into this just remember one thing. Once you've teamed up with Robocop, you've pretty much blown open the doors to what's possible. With that said, right now there's probably one soul in the entire world who's screaming "Bingo!" right now with possibly one of the most unexpected square-fills in the BINGO  game we call "2021: The Year Pop Culture Threw Everything at The Wall to See What Would Stick." On one side, we have The Office star Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute) choosing the holidays to not only call out pro-wrestling icon & AEW superstar Sting but also guarantee a win. On the other side, you have Sting issuing a response. Now, while you let that sink in? A few thoughts. First, we're demanding that AEW head Tony Khan post an eight-minute video offering us the backstory on this (those videos are pretty smooth). Second, we're demanding a cinematic match in one of two locations. We want either a match all throughout Dunder Mifflin Scranton (maybe a "Falls Count Anywhere"/"Street Fight" take) or a "Buried Alive" match out on Schrute Farms among the beets.

the office
AEW/The Office (Images: AEW/Screencap)

Here's a look back at Wilson's Christmas Day… challenge? We're not sure it's exactly a "challenge" so much as a pretty bold & cocky boast- as if it would be a foregone conclusion that Wilson would be the one getting his hand raised. And who knows? While we keep talking in terms of The Office, if he can mix in the conniving genius of Harry Mudd (Paramount+'s Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Short Treks) along with Michael Stearns's (Amazon's Utopia) intensity, he might stand a chance. To last more than a minute (and that includes the time Sting needs to play up the crowd):

Well, it didn't take long before The Icon responded, and from the sounds of things? Not only is he up for it, but he's also open to honoring Wilson with a new move. And while we're not exactly sure what a "Flying Tow Hold" is, we can write with full sincerity that our bodies ache just thinking about it.

Of course, now that we think about it? Maybe he's talking about the lead singer of The Police? Hmmm…

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