The Ultimate Fighter: Our 5 Favorite Moments Before New Season Starts

Ahh, The Ultimate Fighter. While the show has given us some of the best fighters on the UFC roster, there have been many more cringe-worthy and downright hilarious moments on the show. Before the new season debuts this Tuesday on ESPN+, with the coaches being Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega ahead of their title fight later this summer, we figured we would take a look back at some of our favorite Ultimate Fighter moments from the previous 28 seasons.

"Just Let Me Bang Bro!!!!"

Julian Lane was on season 16 of The Ultimate Fighter, where he lost an early fight. Because of that, he had a lot of time to…be with his thoughts. That turned out to be very bad, as he became very agitated one night, looking to pick a fight with just about every other person in the house before having a complete mental breakdown and smashing his head into walls and screaming "Just let me bang bro!" through tears. This almost becomes a moment of real emotion. Almost.

Ultimate Fighter Season 12: GSP Brings In An Interesting Training Partner

Georges St. Pierre is the greatest MMA fighter of all time, and he got there by training with not only the best but the most unorthodox group of people in the world. Take Jean-Charles Sharbowsky for instance. The man not only is a skilled fighter, he does his training while drunk. Do not take that to mean he can't kick your ass though. What a season for GSP here, he also tricked Josh Koscheck into not taking the fighters he wanted in a really dumb way since Koscheck is…not smart.

BJ Penn Punks Jens Pulver

Jens Pulver and BJ Penn do not like each other much. That was evident in Season 5 of the show, when right from the start, Penn decided he wanted to see who would be committed to his team by having the fighters raise their hands and have nothing to do with Pulver. It is funny to see Dana White lose his patience and his mind while standing there. Pulver may have had the better team on the season, but lost the fight to Penn in the end.

Rampage Vs The Door

Probably the most famous moment from the show, during season 10 of the show, Rampage Jackson's team was being soundly defeated by Rashad Evans's team week after week. These two hated each other passionately, and in a moment of frustration, Jackson tore a door apart. Obviously a gimmick door, it was hilarious and led to many a meme after the fact.

Ultimate Fighter Brazil: Sonnen Takes Down Silva

There is only one Chael P. Sonnen, and he is forever the GOAT of trash-talking and getting under people's skin. Nobody knows this more than Wanderlei Silva, as the two rivals coached opposite teams on The Ultimate Fighter Brazil. During a heated confrontation between the two, Sonnen needles the man to his breaking point,  hilariously yelling " I can't let you get close!" before taking him to the ground while wearing jeans and flip flops. What a legend. These two didn't actually fight for years, but this moment will last forever.

The Ultimate Fighter Returns Next Week, Only On ESPN+
The Ultimate Fighter. Credit UFC: ESPN

The new season of The Ultimate Fighter debuts on ESPN+ this Tuesday, June 1st. All previous seasons are available to stream on there now. And since you're here…

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