The WWE Thunderdome is Officially Moving to Tropicana Field

Following weeks of speculation, WWE has officially announced plans to pack up the WWE Thunderdome and move it from Orlando to Tampa Bay where it will reside or the foreseeable future inside the domed baseball stadium, Tropicana Field. The first WWE show to emanate from The Thunderdome's new location will be the December 11th edition of Smackdown on Fox.

The Thunderdome (Credit: WWE)
The Thunderdome (Credit: WWE)

In a press release, Tampa Bay Rays president Matt Silverman praised his new tennants, saying, "The Tampa Bay Rays are excited to welcome WWE to Tropicana Field for this residency and shine a spotlight on the Tampa Bay area for WWE fans around the world. The ballpark will be transformed to host the spectacle of WWE ThunderDome, allowing fans to enjoy this wildly popular experience virtually."

Silverman didn't mention that anyone who appears on The Thunderdome (aside from the celebrity guests WWE is paying to be there, of course), must sign away their entirely likeness in perpetuity for WWE to use as they see fit, including by modifying it. That means that if you appear on a Thunderdome screen one time, WWE can take that video of you and use it at future events when they need to fill space. They can also create a computer-generated deep fake version of you in order to create an entirely virtual audience and use it not only on television but in video games and even in future media that hasn't been invented yet. It's all in the terms of service you agree to when you sign up.

"We are proud (cmaera cut) to have reimagined (camera cut) the in-arena atmosphere (camera cut) and provide an interactive (Camera cut) experience (camera cut) like (camera cut) nothing (camera cut) else (camera cut) in (camera cut) sports and entertainment (shake camera violently) with the launch (camera cut) of WWE ThunderDome," said WWE Executive Producer and Chief, Global Television Production Kevin Dunn, literally the worst producer in the history of film who has a job for life because his daddy once saved some tapes from a burning car for the McMahon family. "Our fans' response (camera cut) and industrywide recognition (camera cut) are both humbling (camera cut) and further validation (camera cut) of the innovative spirit (camera cut) and passion (camera cut) that exist (camera cut) across the entire (camera cut) WWE (camera cut) organization (cameraperson has massive seizure)."

According to the press release, WWE will "continue to administer its health and safety protocols for talent, crew and employees in conjunction with each production, including PCR testing for COVID-19, social distancing and wearing masks," though the company has had several massive outbreaks and a number of wrestlers and management are COVID-truthers and anti-vaxxers.

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