WWE's Road Dogg Questions Whether Masks or Seat Belts Keep You Safe

Suddenly, the state of things in WWE has become just a little bit easier to understand. Former Smackdown lead writer and current WWE Performance Center coach responsible for training the next generation of WWE Superstars, The Road Dogg, took to Twitter to decry liberals for their dang mask-wearing tendencies.

Oh, you didn't know WWE coach The Road Dogg was a COVID truther?! Your ass better caaall somebody! (Like an ambulance for when you get sick.)
Oh, you didn't know WWE coach The Road Dogg was a COVID truther?! Your ass better caaall somebody! (Like an ambulance for when you get sick.)

Road Dogg replied to a Tweet from podcaster Jay Alletto, which read, "The Left makes you feel like if you walk into a WaWa without a mask, you will yet COVID. They push FEAR FEAR FEAR & they've lost me because of it. I could get it with a mask or without a mask. How do we explain the people who always wear a mask and get it?" Road Dogg said, "That's common sense Jay and it's rare these days. But they think we're crazy too. Social media isn't helping that's for sure."

Stand back! This prompted a response from none other than The Hurricane, who told Road Dogg, "People get killed wearing seatbelts too. But wearing one still increases your odds of not dying. See how that works? That's common sense. 🤷🏻‍♂️" But Road Dogg apparently doesn't believe in seatbelts either, as he told The Hurricane, "Agree to disagree Shane."

The Hurricane then quoted Road Dogg's tweet and said, "Yeah, I'll agree that you don't understand how odds or statistics work and I'll disagree that you have a clue about what common sense is. 😁🤷🏻‍♂️" At that point, Road Dogg accused The Hurricane of being "woke," saying, "to be so 'woke' you aren't very tolerant Shane." Hurricane replied, "Never claimed to be woke, never had to. And tolerance of ignorance doesn't help anyone. People's lives are at stake, maybe you should try to 'wake up' if that makes you feel edgier."

At that point, Road Dogg blocked The Hurricane, Hurricane said. Dave Meltzer gave Hurricane props for the exchange, tweeting, "Damn, Brian Armstrong came off terribly in that exchange with Shane Helms." NXT wrestler Danny Burch, one half of the current NXT Tag Team Champions, tried to jump in on the side of Road Dogg but quickly decided against it and deleted his tweet.

WWE has experienced several COVID-19 outbreaks since the start of the pandemic, including one single one that affected dozens of people. Before that, the company wasn't even using real tests, merely taking temperatures, and mask-wearing wasn't enforced until Kevin Owens suggested it. Currently, WWE is under investigation by an Orange County task force as a potential source of COVID-19 spread in the community.

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