ESPN Discovers Secret WWE Plan to Induct Torrie Wilson Into Hall of Fame

In a shocking turn of events, investigators from ESPN have uncovered WWE's secret plans to induct Torrie Wilson into the Hall of Fame class of 2019. Just kidding! WWE gave the information to ESPN as an exclusive, but they like to act like ESPN broke the story, as if who WWE is inducts into their Hall of Fame is a matter of intense interest for mainstream media outlets, allowing WWE to show off the ESPN article on Monday Night Raw.

Starting her wrestling career in WCW, Wilson came to WWE when WCW was driven out of business in 2001, and she had the misfortune of wrestling during the time period when WWE booked its female performers in either 2 minute matches or bra and panties fights. However, Wilson returned to the ring for WWE's first-ever Women's Royal Rumble in 2018 where she was able to put on a great performance under the liberating new conditions of the Women's Evolution (TM), a WWE initiative wherein WWE pats itself on the back for allowing its female performers to overcome the prejudice and discrimination that was all WWE's fault in the first place, proving that fans complaining about her induction on social media today aren't giving her enough credit, are giving WWE too much credit, or a combination of both.

Wilson never won the WWE Womens or Divas Championships during her time with WWE, but she was the recipient of WWE's 2002 Golden Thong Award, which should give you an idea of what the company thought of women back then. Screw the haters, Torrie. You deserve this.

Wilson joins Degeneration-X and the Honky Tonk Man on this year's list of Hall of Fame inductees, with more to be revealed in the coming weeks, coincidentally on different mainstream media outlets and always on a Monday morning.

ESPN Discovers Secret WWE Plan to Induct Torrie Wilson Into Hall of Fame

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