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Tales Of Xadia: The Dragon Prince To Release In March
Fandom revealed that their upcoming RPG title Tales Of Xadia: The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game will be released next month Utilizing the characters and setting from the series, this game is boasting a couple of different systems at play as it was built with Cortex Prime, made by the creators of Fandom's D&D Beyond, and designer Cam[...]
Auto Draft
Fandom is celebrating the Fourth Anniversary of D&D Beyond with some special dice for everyone to get their hands on that will be fun to roll The res dice have been released into the platform for you to snag as we have more info about there here, all of them sparkly and special to roll[...]
The Tales Of Xadia Tabletop RPG Is Getting A Public Playtest
Fandom and Wonderstorm announced that Tales Of Xadia: The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game will be getting a public playtest Based on the popular Netflix animated series, the game is set within Xadia, the rich and diverse fantasy world the series is based in The playtest will be the first opportunity for many to the game,[...]
Auto Draft
And in doing so, creating an analogy of a certain strain of fandom who get caught up in a certain way of thinking, so that it all goes wrong And Wonder Woman trying to talk them back… Death Metal #4 artwork. Change or die… isn't that how it goes? And will Wonder Woman have any better luck[...]
Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, Jo Martin as Ruth Clayton - Doctor Who _ Season 12, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Ben Blackall/BBC Studios/BBC America
Fandom isn't all or nothing; it's great if you're a ride-or-die geek of a franchise, but don't you dare tell other people that they have to be just as into it as you are to "get" the films or love them I don't want to have to read a 12 book series and watch 7[...]
Superman Statue Pre-Orders Finally Go Live From Sideshow Collectibles 
Superman Vs the Ku Klux Klan is becoming a podcast from fandom and Dillon D Jordan's PaperChase Films This will be done in the style of the old Superman Radio Show, which ran from 1940- 1951 Hosting will be Roth Cornet, head of development for Fandom, along with Max Dionne, supervising producer and Michael Chiang,[...]
Galaxy Quest
When Galaxy Quest came out in 1999, it offered an original story from the rare perspective of fandom The film combines elements of Star Trek and comedy into its original hybrid science fiction story It follows the cast of a fictional TV-show in the 1970s doing another convention to stay relevant The cast find themselves[...]
Wendy's Launched Their Own RPG Campaign At NYCC
The folks at Wendy's have launched their own tabletop RPG this week at NYCC called Feast Of Legends, in partnership with Critical Role and Fandom The PDF version of the adventure was loaded online, totally free for anyone to download, along with a physical version at the convention that included dice The game itself has[...]
The Secret Seven: Fans at the First Modern Science Fiction Con Had the Right Stuff
Wollheim, suggested that their gathering be designated as "The first Science Fiction Convention", and that's how many among fandom's historians have thought of it ever since. There'd been organized fan conventions in the late 1800s, including Norman Munro's 1889 "national convention" which included Edward S Ellis — the man who invented Steampunk with Steam Man of[...]
TV is great. Hell, I watched far too much of it as a child… and teenager… and adult…and… well… you get the picture. The point being is that there's a lot to love about it – but it also comes with a dark side. Am I talking about bad endings? Lazy, rushed stories? Bad acting? No, friends – I'm[...]
SDCC 2019 Harry Potter Fandom Panel - Has The Fandom Outgrown Their Canon?
Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, notable figures from the Harry Potter fandom gather to discuss their experiences within the wizarding world A sort of State of the Union, the panel reflects on the drama, frustration, angst, and transformation within the fandom This year, the panel unintentionally focused on the fracturing of the already divided[...]
That Thing You Love Doesn't Owe You Squat- A Love Story [OPINION]
It seems like every time I check the news, theirs a fresh batch of updates from the latest fandom outrage cycle, demanding that Creator X be branded a traitor to the I.P and paraded through the virtual town square for supposedly defiling Franchise Y. //Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney In those cases involving truly heinous acts, I'm pretty sure I'll[...]
AMC Showcases "Kick-Ass Women," Better Call Saul, and More at Fandom Summit
Flook With a line-up of diverse shows that includes The Walking Dead, Preacher, Dietland, Better Call Saul and Into the Badlands, AMC prides itself on both the quality of its programming and the relationships its built with the fandom around each series To that end, the network hosted AMC Summit 2018: An Exploration of Fandom in New[...]
That problem is, simply put: trolls. No, not rebirths, retcons, or reboots (or perpetual event comics) — no, the problem with comics has become a frankly toxic element of discourse that has pervaded every section of comics, from fandom, commentary to critical elements — and even the creators and publishers themselves. Note: I am not going to[...]